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Mabruqq x Talabat:

Embark on a journey of indulgence and savings with the dynamic collaboration between Talabat and Mabruqq. This partnership opens the doors to a plethora of exclusive vouchers and promotions that promise not just discounts but an entire lifestyle of savings. Whether you're craving a gourmet meal, planning a festive feast, or looking to enhance your well-being, Talabat, in tandem with Mabruqq, ensures that every order is an opportunity for substantial savings. Immerse yourself in the world of unbeatable offers, where dining and lifestyle essentials seamlessly blend with unprecedented discounts, making every experience with Talabat truly extraordinary. Elevate your moments, savor the savings, and relish in the joy of getting more for less, courtesy of Talabat and Mabruqq.


TRewards & Talabat Pro:

Discover the rewarding world of Talabat's TRewards loyalty program, where every order adds up to exciting perks. With each purchase, collect points that transform into valuable discounts, offering you fantastic savings on future orders. Elevate your culinary journey further by upgrading to Talabat Pro membership, an exclusive tier packed with tailored benefits. As a Pro member, relish unlimited access to exclusive deals, free deliveries, and accelerated point accumulation, ensuring a premium and rewarding dining experience every time you order through Talabat.


Social Connection & Partnerships:

Stay connected with Talabat on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Talabat maintains an active presence on these channels, consistently updating customers about ongoing sales, special offers, and exclusive deals. Be the first to know about the latest promotions or available coupons through their posts and tweets, including access to exclusive Talabat promo codes. Keep up with their social media updates to stay informed about the most recent offers and discounts.


Explore Exciting Offers

Open the Talabat app or website and explore a treasure trove of offers listed in their catalog. Discover tempting promotions and coupons that offer enticing deals. Explore a wide range of restaurants listed under these offers, providing free appetizers, 50% discounts, or exclusive Talabat codes for remarkable savings. Choose from a diverse selection of restaurants like Charley's, Canadian Pizza, Doner Kebab, and Chili's to unlock incredible coupons and promotions.


About Talabat

Talabat online food delivery portal is the first choice for people who want to enjoy the food. It is the largest online food delivery platform in Middle East Countries. Talabat has stores in different parts of middle east countries. These food delivery stores are popular in Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, UAE, KSA Qatar and many other countries in which they deliver the food online. The people love to order food online because on order food they get various Talabat discount codes. Ordering food from online becomes more affordable and enjoyable with these discounts and offers and also gets much concession on food order.    

Choose your preferred dishes from Talabat and confirm your food meal with a single click. Quickly pay and get your favourite food hot and fresh within the right time to your doorstep. Users can pay online securely using their debit/credit card or cash on delivery as well. So get ready for your favourite cuisine from time to time.   

Talabat Coupons, Talabat Discount Code, & Offers UAE May 2024

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    Buy food, grocery from Talabat and get free delivery on selected burger, pizza, Italian, chinese and other selected restaurants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other cities of UAE.

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Talabat: Your Ultimate Convenience Destination

From its humble origins as a Kuwaiti startup in 2004, Talabat has emerged as a transformative force in the realm of online services. What began as a local endeavor swiftly transcended boundaries, evolving into a multinational powerhouse spanning seven countries. Over the years, Talabat has ceaselessly refined its platform, honing its capabilities to meet the diverse needs of users far and wide.

This evolution marks more than just a geographical expansion. It signifies a journey of innovation and adaptability, where Talabat's commitment to seamless service has become a cornerstone. Across borders and cultures, it remains the cornerstone of convenience, an indispensable resource for millions. Talabat's growth echoes a testament to its unwavering dedication to catering effortlessly to the everyday requirements of its users, regardless of their location or preferences.

The Talabat App: Your Magic Wand

The Talabat app isn't just an application; it's an all-encompassing solution. Within moments, it transforms your doorstep into a hub of convenience, delivering not only delicious food but also essential groceries, healthcare necessities, and more. Beyond its primary function, the app acts as your personal companion, sending real-time alerts tailored to your preferences, ensuring you never miss out on enticing deals, sales, and exclusive offers. It's more than an app; it's a gateway to a world of effortless convenience, where your needs are not just met but exceeded, creating a truly delightful experience every time.

Everyday Essentials at Your Fingertips:


Elevate life's cherished moments with a gastronomic journey through Talabat's extensive selection of renowned restaurants. Whether it's an intimate celebration or a casual gathering, savor the diverse range of cuisines, all with the added advantage of pocket-friendly Talabat discount codes accompanying every order.


Say goodbye to the hassle of waiting in long grocery store lines! Talabat revolutionizes your shopping experience by bringing the market directly to you. Enjoy free deliveries from your favorite outlets and enhance your savings using the top-notch Talabat promo codes. Shopping for groceries has never been this effortless as it is with Talabat groceries!


Let your gestures speak volumes with the timely and thoughtful delivery of flowers through Talabat. Perfect for those impromptu moments that require a touch of care and affection.

Health & Wellness:

Talabat is your steadfast companion through thick and thin. Talabat’s pharmacy and wellness offerings ensure swift deliveries of essential medicines and care products right to your doorstep. Don't forget to maximize the benefits by leveraging Talabat codes while prioritizing your overall well-being.


Festive Delights with Talabat

During special occasions, Talabat's promotions bring festivity to your doorstep. Enjoy special discounts, curated menus, and exclusive offers during these times.

  • Ramadan Extravaganza: Talabat's Ramadan celebrations bring more than just discounts; they offer a curated selection of traditional meals and exclusive menus tailored to the spirit of this holy month. Enjoy significant savings and delightful offers on a wide array of cuisines, making your Iftar and Suhoor moments even more special.
  • Black Friday Bonanza: As the shopping frenzy hits its peak during Black Friday, Talabat joins in the celebration by offering incredible discounts and exclusive deals. From your favorite local cuisines to international delights, Talabat ensures that your food orders during this festive period come with substantial savings, adding an extra layer of joy to your celebrations.


Payment, Delivery & Customer Service:

Enjoy secure payments, transparent delivery fees, and prompt customer service. Talabat ensures convenience at every step.

  • Refund Policy: At Talabat, ensuring customer satisfaction is paramount. Should any dissatisfaction arise with your order, prompt action is taken by reaching out to Talabat's customer care. Utilize the live chat feature for immediate assistance in resolving concerns or claiming refunds. Rest assured, Talabat endeavors to provide full or partial refunds to rectify any issues promptly.
  • Payment Modes: To facilitate secure and convenient transactions, Talabat predominantly accepts debit and credit cards across its wide array of partnered restaurants. Emphasizing user privacy, the platform does not store personal information. Additionally, the Talabat credit system stands out as a preferred payment method among users for its ease of use and reliability. You can also avail Talabat pay later feature in UAE. 
  • Talabat Delivery: Talabat's delivery charges comprise various components, including a service fee and a small basket fee for orders falling below a restaurant's minimum value. Furthermore, the infamous delivery fee, contingent on the distance between your location and the chosen eatery, is part of the total bill value. Users can circumvent delivery fees by meeting specific order values or leveraging Talabat's free delivery codes. It's advisable to double-check and verify card details and expiration dates for successful and secure payments.
  • Customer Service: For prompt and effective solutions regarding payments, orders, or refunds, Talabat encourages users to contact their dedicated customer care team via email at [email protected]. Alternatively, users can engage in live chat support available through the Talabat app or website. Regardless of the contact method chosen, Talabat assures its customers of swift and responsive support.

How to get Talabat Coupons

  • Navigate to Mabruqq.com: Begin by visiting Mabruqq's website.
  • Search for Talabat: Enter "Talabat" in the search bar or browse through the list of stores available on Mabruqq.
  • Explore the Offers: Browse through the available Talabat food vouchers and coupons listed on Mabruqq's page.
  • Select a Coupon: Choose a coupon that best suits your order by clicking on it. The coupon details, including the code if required, will be displayed.
  • Copy the Code: If there's a code provided, click on "Copy Code" to have it saved to your clipboard. This code will be needed during checkout on Talabat.
  • Shop on Talabat: Proceed to the Talabat app or website to select your desired items for purchase.
  • Apply the Code: At the checkout stage, look for the voucher or promo code box. Paste the copied code from Mabruqq into this box.
  • Redeem Savings: Click on "Apply" or "Redeem" to activate the discount associated with the code. The total bill will reflect the discounted amount.
  • Complete the Order: Once the discount is applied, finalize your purchase by following the remaining steps on Talabat's platform.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I get a voucher from Talabat?

    Mabruqq offers exclusive deals and discounts across various brands. Simply visit Mabruqq's website or app and search for your preferred brand or category to explore the available offers.
  2. Are the discounts on Mabruqq applicable in specific regions only?

    Mabruqq offers discounts that cater to different regions and countries. Ensure to check the terms and conditions of each offer to verify its applicability in your region.
  3. How frequently are Mabruqq's offers updated?

    Mabruqq regularly updates its offers and coupons to provide users with the latest deals. Offers might vary in terms of duration and availability, so it's recommended to regularly check the website for new promotions.
  4. Do I need an account to use Mabruqq's discounts?

    While some discounts on Mabruqq might be accessible without an account, certain exclusive deals might require user registration or sign-up to unlock and redeem the offers.
  5. How do I redeem Mabruqq's discount codes on partner platforms?

    To use the discounts listed on Mabruqq, simply click on the offer of your choice. If there's a code, it will be displayed. Copy the code and paste it during checkout on the respective partner's website or app to avail the discount.
  6. What are Talabat Points for?

    Talabat Points are a part of Talabat's loyalty program, TRewards. These points are earned with every purchase made through the platform. Customers can accumulate these points and later redeem them for discounts, special offers, or other rewards on future orders.
  7. How to get free deliveries on Talabat?

    Check for Offers: Keep an eye out for promotional periods or special deals where free delivery might be offered for specific restaurants or on certain order values.

    Utilize Promo Codes: Sometimes, Talabat provides promo codes that offer free delivery. Look out for these codes on their app, website, or through affiliated platforms.

    Loyalty Program: Occasionally, Talabat's loyalty program might offer free delivery as a reward for accumulated points or as a perk for being a member.


Enjoy Delicious Food At Affordable Rates With Talabat Coupon Codes UAE

Today’s work time is very rushed and office going people rarely cook food from time to time. Ordering online food has made lives easier, it delivers delicious food just sitting at home after you return from your work. Not only food orders, but you can also get huge discounts as well as with Talabat UAE discount code. Talabat is gaining more popularity due to its best services and delivery of food in less time. The working Talabat discount codes UAE and Talabat UAE offers are also main reasons for their popularity today. 

Customers can grab the latest Talabat promo codes and Talabat voucher code online at a single platform Mabruqq.Com. These verified coupons will let you enjoy your meal without putting too much burden on your pocket. Order your desired foods online from Talabat and save huge discounts using Talabat coupon from Mabruqq. Stay connected with Mabruqq to get the latest and 100% working Talabat coupons for many more exciting deals.

Popular Restaurants at Talabat

Embark on a culinary journey with Talabat, where excellence meets the convenience of doorstep delivery. From globally renowned favorites to local gems, Talabat curates a diverse array of restaurants, ensuring your cravings are met with the finest flavors. Discover the top-rated establishments and popular cuisines that have garnered acclaim among discerning food enthusiasts. Whether it's savoring the iconic pizzas from Pizza Hut or relishing the authentic Lebanese flavors from Tawook Workshop, Talabat brings the best of dining experiences to your fingertips. Unveil the culinary wonders that await, accompanied by exclusive Talabat vouchers ensuring not just delicious meals but delightful savings too.

  • Pizza Hut: A global favorite, Pizza Hut's delectable pizzas and sides are just a tap away on Talabat. Embrace delightful savings with exclusive Talabat coupons on your favorite orders.
  • Tawook Workshop: Indulge in tantalizing chicken sandwiches, shawarmas, and authentic Lebanese cuisine from Tawook Workshop, a top-rated choice on Talabat. Enjoy their flavorful offerings while maximizing your savings.
  • Burger King: Savor the king of burgers from Burger King's menu, featuring mouthwatering sandwiches and sides. Talabat's seamless service ensures an enjoyable experience, coupled with enticing discounts through Talabat's first order codes.
  • Lava Snacks: Dive into the flavors of authentic American cuisine with Lava Snacks, offering a diverse range of sandwiches, desserts, and more. Talabat brings these treats to your doorstep, complete with enticing savings.
  • Bon Fire: Experience the tantalizing flavors of mainland China with Bon Fire's precise Chinese dishes, right from Talabat's extensive roster. Delight in authentic tastes and unbeatable savings, courtesy of Talabat vouchers.


Popular Cuisines

Dive into a world of culinary diversity with Talabat's curated selection of top cuisines. From the savory comforts of American classics to the aromatic allure of Middle Eastern delights, Talabat invites you on a gastronomic journey like no other.

  • American Delights: Indulge in American favorites from eateries like Lava Snacks and Slider Ryder. From delectable sandwiches to mouthwatering desserts, Talabat brings authentic American flavors to your doorstep.
  • Chinese Feasts: Experience the authenticity of mainland China with precise Chinese dishes from Bon Fire and Cheat Day. Talabat ensures an immersive culinary journey through a range of flavorful options.
  • Breakfast Specialties: Start your day with a delightful breakfast spread from Burger Fusion, T4 Tea, and KFC. Talabat offers an array of breakfast options to kickstart your mornings with diverse flavors.
  • Italian Temptations: Dive into Italian cuisine with renowned pizzerias and pasta joints available on Talabat. Explore the richness of Italian flavors from restaurants like Spago, offering the finest in Mediterranean dining.
  • Middle Eastern Delicacies: Explore the rich and aromatic flavors of the Middle East with eateries specializing in shawarmas, falafels, and more. Tantalize your taste buds with local favorites available through Talabat's seamless service and exclusive deals.

Talabat's Extensive App Ecosystem

  • Delivery Fleet App: Talabat prioritizes streamlined delivery operations, evident in its dedicated delivery fleet app. This user-friendly application registers fleet partners and provides them with a comprehensive overview of pending deliveries. With its intuitive interface, this app simplifies and expedites the entire delivery process.
  • Service Management App: The service app by Talabat revolutionizes restaurant operations. It's a centralized platform that empowers restaurants to efficiently manage orders, make pricing adjustments and control menu offerings. Notably, it enables easy acceptance or rejection of orders and facilitates real-time menu updates directly from the administrative level, ensuring a seamless dining experience for customers.


Join Talabat's Partner Network

Becoming a partner with Talabat brings numerous benefits, from an additional revenue stream to increased sales and a fresh customer base for restaurants. Partnering with Talabat means less worry about logistics, allowing restaurant owners to focus on delivering excellent food. Whether as a restaurant partner or a fleet partner among over 16,000 riders, enjoy high commissions and other exclusive benefits through Talabat's partnership programs.


Share Your Feedback

Your opinions matter to Talabat! Share your experiences and feedback on your orders to help Talabat improve its services. Your reviews contribute to enhancing the overall experience for customers. Simply head to the 'My Orders' section, tap on rate/review, and your feedback will be visible in the restaurant's section within the next 24 hours. Your insights are invaluable in helping Talabat elevate its service standards.

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