Creating The Perfect Living Room: 5 Urbane Elements To Add Now

Mabruqq's Editor LIFESTYLE Mar 31, 2020
Creating The Perfect Living Room: 5 Urbane Elements To Add Now

There are so many options to choose which fill your space and provide decorative looks in your living rooms. If you were to plan or design your living room, these 5 essential things would be on your list. Everyone will want something a little different to make their home feel like home. With different essentials items and furniture,  you can provide different looks to your living room. Add some antique pieces in your living room or a coffee table and give a complete touchup it. Here are some ideas we would like to share.

1. Wall Art

Wall art makes your living room alive. Wall art is not more expensive, you can find many options online. First you measure your free wall space available and ensure that your wall art is displayed properly. You can select an abstract painting with the colors you like the most. Select wall space that covers most of your free space.


2. Curtains

Cover your windows with beautiful curtains and they bring big changes. Curtains complete your space and they bring sophistication to your living room. You can select the curtains similar to wall art color and they make a cohesive color theme. There are many fabrics in options, either you can select cotton, linen & linen blends and silk. You can also choose blackout curtains for privacy.


3. Throw Blanket

Throw blankets are used for add warmth, color and pattern into your living room. To bring a decorative look to your living room, the blanket should be selected in the same color of the other essentials such as, wall art, furniture, curtains and many more. When selecting a throw blanket go for function rather than look. A soft fabric you can use, so the throw looks pretty.


4. Accent Pillows

Accent pillows provide style and comfort to your living room. The main reason to use an accent pillow is to contrast the color of your furniture and highlight other furniture colors. Pillow size is dependent on the furniture space that is suited in your living room. Most common size is 18”. Always select at least two pillow sizes and try to select an odd number of pillows, such as 3 or 5.


5. Accent Pieces

After selecting all living home essentials, add some accent pieces that provide a finishing touch to your room decor. In Accent pieces there are many options such as, vases, bottles, candle holders, lanterns and many more. After selecting the accent pieces, think where to place, that can be easily seen by anyone after entering the room. Either you can place it on a coffee table or side tables and other furniture. Vases are most commonly used as accent pieces, you can put flowers on them and also change them frequently.