Where To Shop Healthcare Products During Corona Virus

Mabruqq's Editor LIFESTYLE Mar 19, 2020
Where To Shop Healthcare Products During Corona Virus

The year 2020 hasn't been going so smooth lately and the recent plague has just made things worse. More than 220,000 cases of corona virus are active as of now and the numbers are going up as we talk. Life has come to a standstill while the doctors and scientists are still pushing hard to make a cure that could prevent it from spreading.

This Corona Virus outbreak has led to the lockdown of major cities across the world. It has affected the World economies in the most bizzare fashion and everything from shopping malls, supermarkets to workplaces, restaurants, and deliveries, are being shutdown to lower its effect.

During this quarantine period, Noon, Middle East's biggest supermarket platform is also creating awareness about the corona virus through its online shopping platform and press releases to middle East residents. Noon has advised the residents to stay indoors and take proper preventive measures in order to fight this global epidemic.

Here is a 3-step measure Noon has adapted to keep all Middle East shoppers safe:

  • Safe - Noon is keeping you safe by offering sanitized Facilities at their stores, warehouses and even through their delivery partners.
  • Reliable - Noon is continously Monitoring the Hygiene of all its employes working under different departments.
  • Fast Delivery - Whatever you are shopping from Noon, they make sure you use Contactless Payment Options like credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, online banking, etc.

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Also, Noon.com has created a special healthcare products section for shoppers to shop whatever they need to keep themselves protected during these alarming times.

1. Hand Sanitizers & Body Wash

Noon has stocked up its entire healthcare department with hand sanitizers and body washes. With chaos all around, Noon has made sure that everything is available for its shoppers at any time of the day. Buy them today!

2. Hand Soaps

This is an everyday essential and almost everyone knows about it. Experts have asked people to use Anti bacterial Hand soaps with herbal extracts and essential oils to help fight germs and keep your hands fresh. We recommend you to wash your hands every now and then because washing hands is way more effective than using hand sanitizers.

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3. Household Cleaners

Cleaning up the house is as important as cleaning yourself. You can shop a range of household cleaners to clean your washrooms, door handles, kitchen utensils, food processors, furniture, home furnishing items, room floors and more.

Where To Shop Healthcare Products During Corona Virus

4. Air Purifiers

Fresh and pure breathing air is required to lead a healthy life. So to prevent the virus from contamination, we can shop Anti-bacterial Air Purifying appliances from top brands to clean up the air in our homes.

5. Deodoriser and Disinfectants

The other thing that we need during these emergency days is disinfectants to clean our household floors and tiles. Advisable to use everyday, these deodorisers and disinfectants can create a germ free environment for you and your family.