Shop Different Types Of Headphones At Souq

Mabruqq's Editor GADGETS Feb 27, 2020
Shop Different Types Of Headphones At Souq

Types Of Headphones

There are hundreds of headphone options available at Souq online store. Pick one that best serves your everyday needs. Finding the right headphones shouldn’t be too difficult. Here are the major types that are available at Souq store.


1. In-Ear Headphone

This headphone is also known as earbuds or in ear headphones. They are typically the headphones that come along with your phone or your MP3 player. The biggest advantage is their size and because they are small they are easily portable. They are great at noise isolation and the perfect accessories for those who are working out. But, at the same time, the sound quality they offer isn't the greatest.


2. On-Ear Headphone

These headphones fit on your ears while the band goes over your head or behind it. Slightly larger than in-ear headphones. The sound quality is also better and they often have larger battery capacity which makes him bigger in size. Due to the bigger size you can’t keep these headphones in your pocket. These headphones are bigger and more comfortable to wear for long periods than in-ear headphones.


3. Over Ear Headphones

The largest one in the lot, this is a product almost everyone is familiar with. They offer great sound quality, last a long time and are comfortable to wear since they offer best weight distribution and manufacturers typically add materials such as memory foam, leatherette and velour. Naturally a large size means they aren’t easy to carry around. And they can be rather expensive to buy.

4. Bluetooth Headphone

Bluetooth headphones are in high demand. Bluetooth headphones have been very popular in recent times among music lovers. One of the biggest advantages is the fact that they don’t wires. The other advantages is sound quality has improved immensely. But yes, they have to be charged constantly. Just like standard headphones, bluetooth headphones also come in different designs. You can buy bluetooth headphones that are in-ear, over the ear, neckband style or wireless earbuds.


5. Sports Headphones

Buying a pair of sports headphones is a very worthy investment. These headphones are very popular among fitness lovers. The best ones are usually wireless, sweat resistant and waterproof. These headphones are ideal for those who need them while running, biking and exercise time. You can also apply Souq coupon code for this headphones and avail some extra discount on your shopping bag.