Pottery Barn Accessible Home Collection Aims To Help Differently Abled People

Mabruqq's Editor LIFESTYLE Jul 26, 2022
Pottery Barn Accessible Home Collection Aims To Help Differently Abled People

Pottery Barn, the sustainable home retailer from the US and a Williams-Sonoma Inc. family of brands, is all set to launch its new thoughtful “The Accessible Home” collection on July 22nd, 2022.

Aimed at helping differently-abled people, people with injuries, and the aging community, the new “Accessible Home” collection includes dining, bedroom, office, bath, upholstery, and lighting products. With no compromises on quality, style, and sustainability, Pottery Barn has made a fully functional and accessible home range that appeals to the end consumer.

Pottery Barn's Accessible Home Collection does well on these grounds:

  • Easy Access - With open designs in work desks, and easier shelf access, all products offer convenience to the consumer with more visibility and organization. Wheelchair-accessible desks, power-lift recliners, adjustable beds, and pivot mirrors — all in modern styles can be easily used by differently-abled people.

  • Mobility - All furnishings are designed to keep in mind the movements. The stylish designs are wheelchair friendly and can be navigated easily across the home.

  • Comfort - The use of smart technology makes sitting and standing on a recliner much easy and secure.

With a functional bath, a flexible office, and standout seating, everything is designed with consultation from industry experts like Lisa Cini, a leading authority on design for senior living environments.

They also consulted the Disability and Education Advocacy Network (DEAN) team in the development and designing of the products to meet the requirements of differently-abled people and products that can be easily used in their day-to-day lives.

Pottery Barn's President, Marta Benson, said that "Our mission is to incorporate accessibility into everything we do, so we will continue to expand The Accessible Home collection in the future to bring more life-changing products to the differently-abled community"

Check out the entire 150-piece collection here .