Popular Home Design Styles in UAE

Mabruqq's Editor LIFESTYLE Jan 24, 2021
Popular Home Design Styles in UAE

Home design styles refers to different ways or process of designing the interior of a room or building. It's an art of beautifully enhancing the interior of a building in order to make it more comfortable and eye catching for the people using that space.
When we talk about home design styles we could not stop ourselves to mention that UAE has one of the best home design styles. In fact, interior design in Dubai is always eminent for being constantly modern, trendy and luxurious.
Home design in UAE tends to assimilate elements from a variety of cultures. Arabic, Roman, Greek, Moroccan, Spanish, French are some common elements of home design in UAE.
Best Home Design styles in UAE that you can try out for your dream home !

Comtemporary Style

When we talk about contemporary style it simply means modern, updated with sleek furniture, straight lines, modern materials such as metal and marble, neutral and light colour palettes with limited bold colours. Contemporary styles design is very relative in nature. Contemporary interior design subject to dynamic changes.

Traditional Style

There are many ways in UAE to style a home while staying true to traditional aesthetics. Traditional designing are more modern version of classic interiors. Classy furniture are used with warm colour tones and thus creating more congenial living space.
Traditional doesn't mean old or boring, in fact traditional interiors are some of the most popular modern styles.

Rustic Style

For the lovers of golden old days, lovers of nature and nostalgia, then rustic interior design in UAE is perfect.The main features of rustic interior : use of raw form of elements like unpolished wood and stone, black metal , leather, comfortable rounded forms, heavy furniture simple earthy colours, fireplaces, etc. Rustic themes are always evergreen and voguish.

Urban Style

Urban styles of interior has elements of 'multiracial'. Urban style interior include exposed bricks walls large beams of wood or metal, wooden floors, colour schemes are not too matchy. Urban style is a fusion of industrials, modern and rustic elements. Urban ornamentation has a subdued and more comfortable.

Ethnic Interior Design

Ethnic Interior Design refers to a design style that is being inspired from the traditional themes of a particular country like Moroccan, Arabic, French,Italian, Japenese.When designing as per a theme, every element of the interior has to be true to the chosen style. Ethnic themes are very known among luxury interior design in Dubai.

Cultural Style Design

The UAE has a rich culture and heritage that reflects traditional Arab and Islamic values. Environment and terrain also influenced the lifestyles. Cultural interior designs can take components form various land such as, Italy, France, Japan or Arabia.
People of UAE are fond of cultural themes. On the other hand , one can opt for certain epoch of ornamentation, like victorian style, moroccan or persian theme.

Fusion Interior Design

Fusion interior design is a very individual creation that serve to the notion of the country without following any norms of design. It is a fusion of styles, periods, materials and moods. In Dubai, furniture stores regale to quirky pieces that are placed together in a fusion style.

Minimalist Interior Design

Minimalism is the interior design style that signifies, less is more. Minimalism reins the idea of rooms designed for pure functionality. Homes with this famous interior design style have character and a sense of purpose to them. The main component of this design is uniformity.
People who loves a spacious room with minimal furniture, minimalist interior design is best suited. Minimalist home decors are simple with furnishings and colours.

Futuristic Interior Design

Futuristic interior design is distinguish by its strong multihued, long dynamic lines, suggesting motion, urgency, and Iyricism. Asymmetry is one of the prominent key features. It comes in walls and corners in the form of angled cutaways. Wavy horizontal lines are hallmark in futuristic interior and are often appear in flooring, making a lively illusion to the ground. Colours like, grey, white and black are the dominant hues. Shiny/ glossy silver is also quite prevalent in futuristic interior.

Bohemian Interior Design

Bohemian “ Boho” is a known interior design style for those who want their homes full of life, culture, and interesting items. Bohemian or Boho style is a rule-breaking, personal, and exotic style of decorating a living space.
Warm earthy colours are common such as metallics and jewel tones. As the opposite of minimal, modern, and sleek, Boho embraces a “more is more” philosophy. Boho is all about mix and match different items and texture.
These are few modern home design styles in UAE from which you can acquaint yourself and take inspiration from. There are many more to be explored according to the tastes and preferences.