PlayStation 5 Launch: 5 Specs & Features For Ultimate Gaming Experience

Mabruqq's Editor GADGETS Apr 24, 2020
PlayStation 5 Launch: 5 Specs & Features For Ultimate Gaming Experience

Sony revealed several details about the new PS5, it's next-generation gaming console. This new PS5 looks quite different from Sony's previous gaming console. New Playstation 5 has a two-tone color pattern and other share functionality buttons. The PS5 gaming controller carries some impressive sound features like built-in mic, haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. In the new Sony playstation SSDs drives replace the hard drive which is used in Sony old Playstation gaming console and due to this data load fastly and provides super gaming experience.


5 Key Specification And Features Of PS5

Sony officially confirmed that the PS5 will run on an AMD CPU chip that’s based on the third generation of AMD’s Ryzen line. In this chip it’ll be an eight core and custom new 7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture. This CPU is a custom variant of AMD Radeon’s family which supports ray tracing.

Sony also confirmed that the new PS5 is capable of supporting 4K visuals at 120Hz for 4K TVs. This new playstation has a 120Hz refresh rate which is around double the rate of standard TVs.

The new PS5 has a default hard drive of 825 GB and this 825 GB space is total space is usable. If players want to increase storage then it will be able to replace the SSD with new storage.

Players will also play new PS5 with current PSVR hardware, which means it is compatible with VR hardware.

The biggest surprise comes with this new PS5 is 3D audio support. No doubt it is a powerful feature in this new PS5.

The New PS5 Design

There is no official confirmation of PS5 design but we can assume that the new PS5 controller will match or look similar with PS4. In some articles it says that the new PS5 has a unique design like a V shaped. At front there are five USB ports it might have for headphones, controllers, hard drives and other accessories.


PlayStation 5 Price

Company hasn’t officially confirmed a PS5 price yet and it’s very clear that PS5 will cost more than the PS4 at launch due to expensive components. When PS4 launched at its $399 price tag, but PS5 now seems not quite affordable as PS4.