Nail Art Trend that has everyone obsessed this holiday season

Mabruqq's Editor FASHION Jan 31, 2021
Nail Art Trend that has everyone obsessed this holiday season

Obsession! Yes we are talking about nail art obsession. This holiday season womens are crazy about their nails and nail art and why not after all it makes a fashion statement for a girl or a women. Fashion is incomplete without nail paints. The best part about nail art is how creative you can be with your nails. Aren't you mad about you nails?

If not, then you are not aware of new trendy nail art that everyone has obsessed with these days. Your outer appearance, the clothes or shoes, makeup look that you worn to make a bold statement about fashion knowledge or draw attention to oneself, makes a fashion statement. Thus, nail art is an important element in making a bold fashion statement.

As the season changes so does the fashion trend, from your clothes to shoes, makeup looks, and ofcourse, your nail colours to reflect the season. Winters are all about holidays, for Christmas and new year eve's celebration, when everyone all over the world waiting for a fresh for a fresh year i.e. New year, so why not celebrate in style and embrace the festive spirit from head to toe including trying out some fun & cheerful nail designs.

Nail art is a creative way to paint, decorate, enhance and embellish the nails of fingers and toe. The best part of this winters and holiday season after that extraordinary year "2020" Is how people are obsessed with their nail art and are more creative towards it. Everyone has a different way of rocking the design, some go full-throttle while others prefer more subtle manicures.

Winter manicures call for darker shades, abstract designs, and loads of glitter and winter 2021 is no exception. Even if you're not visiting your nail salon as frequently, the best winter nail trends can easily be done at home with a little creativity and the right nail polishes.

Here are the best winter nail colours and designs that you're sure to be complimented on.

Everything that Glitter is Gold :

Paint your nails a simple colour like white and pink, then dress it up by adding a sprinkle of glitter. It'll be a favourite winter design and an excellent choice if you want to add a touch of luxury to your seasonal nails.

Velvety nails:

Velvety manicures are the newest thing trending this season. This technique is all about how light bounces off your nails, meant to give the illusion of a smooth velvet finish.

Candy Cane Ombre:

This is a super simple one for my ladies that are on a home manicure kick! All you need is your perfect shade of red, white, silver, and gold. Omber is so easy because all you really need to do is paint each finger with a different colour and voila!

Chrome Star Nails:

Can't decide between silver and gold? You don't have to with this glamorous, star studded manicure. Perfect for a festive occasion, or just anytime you need a little extra shine.

Neon Matter:

Neon matte nail polishes are providing us with a retro 80s throwback this season. The bright hues are a huge trend for 2021, with the matte finish giving a sleek alternative to a high-gloss shine. This is definitely the go-to trend if you're looking to make a statement. Plus, the bold colours add a fun edge to any manicure.

Sterling Tips:

Silver nails are all the rage this winter, but if you want something a bit more understated, try painting a sterling strip just across the tips. You won't regret the cool contrast.

Molten Gold Gradient Nails:

When it's done right, there's not such thing as too much glitter. Use a dark base and add on layers of gold glitter, concentrating towards the tips.

White and Gold:

These nails are perfect for any season; they will dress up any look. Keep it simple but elegant by painting half of your nails white and the other half gold. It's a simple style if you're hopeless at nail art but still want something that catches the eye.

Go for Green:

Experiment with different textures and shades of green this season. Dark green, ballerina shaped, matte nails can look amazing. Try it, you won't have any regrets.

Gradient Red:

Paint each nail a different shade of red, starting with the deepest colour and ending with the lightest. This winter look is more subtle, keeping with the theme without being overly committed to the festivity.

Dark Grey Winter Night:

Both light and dark grey can look lovely on your nails over winter. They're a good background colours to use if you're looking to add festive nail art to your fingers or dress them up with silver glitter.


Brown nail polish was the sleeper hit of fall and winter 2020, and it looks like the trend will continue into the New Year. From deep mahogany hues to lighter, almost-beige ones, this 90's- inspired shade won't be letting up any time soon. "Blondes have more fun, but in this case, I beg to differ. This brunette shade will definitely steal the spotlight in 2021.