Most Underrated Places to visit in GCC Countries

Mabruqq's Editor TRAVEL Feb 12, 2021
Most Underrated Places to visit in GCC Countries

Would you like to travel to a beautiful exotic destination, after the world is coronavirus free?

Then head to the Gulf Countries. It's no secret the GCC Countries home to some incredible scenes. With its sprawling desert, sun-soaked beaches, and mind-boggling buildings, GCC Countries also have few places you might not know about.

The GCC countries have a reputation for outstanding growth and glittering skylines. But most of the time people forget about the abundant natural beauty that this diverse country is home to. GCC Countries have its own unique natural areas that are, untouched and unaltered by man.

The natural charm, paradise-like cities, and colorful community and culture are considered to be catalysts in making the region a preferred holiday destination for many. If you are overwhelmed with its beauty and aura and thinking of planning your holiday here, then surely you will get a great holiday experience and people will serve you with great hospitality and support. There is a good mix of Western culture and traditional sites.

GCC Countries is home to some incredible places that are defining the world of tourism. Therefore, it is surprising that you are still unaware of many of these gems and always overlook the travel opportunities to explore any of these fine destinations.

Take a look at some of the unexplored places of GCC Countries that definitely deserve a place in your must-visit travel list and thus encourage you to go beyond the man-made glitz and glamour. Our top 5 picks for the unexplored and underrated destinations of Gulf Countries are:

1) The Al Wathba Wetland Reserve (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates) :

Located on the edge of Baniyas, about a 45-minute drive from Abu Dhabi is the Al Wathba Wetland Rserve, known for being home to hundreds of flamingos, which you'll be able to watch from a designated hide. It is totally worth visiting if you want to experience a whole other side of the UAE. It is one of the few undisturbed wildlife areas in the country and was established by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

There are two self-guided walking trails for visitors to simply take a long walk through woodlands and shrubbery. It will make you feel a well-needed escape from the usually bustling city life.

When to get there:

Al Wathba Wetland Reserve is open to the public Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays every week, from 8 am until 6 pm. And there is no entry fee, so you can get in and enjoy the beautiful sites of flamingos.

2) Bastakia Quarter (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) :

Lovers of historical sites will surely love this place as it will acquaint you with many culturally important sights of Dubai, like Al Fahidi Fort, Dubai Museum, and many more.

Bastakia Quarter is an old neighborhood in the heart of the modern, metropolitan city of Dubai. It has been beautifully restored and is particularly attractive at night when the buildings are lit up. It is probably the least famous destination in Dubai but it is worth visiting, especially for those who wish to experience Dubai the way it was before the cropping up of skyscrapers.

When to get there:

Bastakia is open all day, every day, although its museums and shops follow their own opening times. To enjoy the quarter at its best, visit between 9 am and 2 pm, Sundays- Thursdays, when the museums and attractions are open. It's also good for evening strolling when some cafes are still open and you can admire the creekside sunset.

3) Ha'il (Saudi Arabia) :

Ha'il is perhaps the least explored of all big cities in Saudi Arabia. The city is known for being one of the oldest inhabited places in the region. Even the legendary Arabian figure Hatim Taie hailed from the city. Travelers can expect to experience a different version of Saudi culture and hospitality here. Plenty of souks in the city provide ample shopping opportunities.

Recently the rock art in the Ha'il region has entered the much-coveted UNESCO World Heritage list. There is also a well-known mud palace near this place known as Al Qishlah.

Best time to get there:

During the month of March and November, you are most likely to experience good weather with pleasant average temperatures that fall between 20 degrees Celsius and 25 degrees Celsius.

4) Al-kharj (Saudi Arabia) :

Al-kharj, oasis, east-central Saudi Arabia. It lies southeast of Riyadh, the national capital, with which it is associated administratively. Situated around a series of deepwater pools, near which numerous ancient tombs have been found, Al- kharj was chosen as the site of a government experimental farm in 1938. If you by chance have linked to history then King Abdul Aziz's Palace is a must-visit for you. The old part of Al-kharj still holds many of the traditional mud-brick homes with roofs made of dried palm leaves and mud.

Best month to get there:

January, February, and December are the most suitable months to visit Al-kharj, experiencing good weather with a pleasant average temperature between 20 degrees Celsius and 25 degrees Celsius.

5) The Lost City of Ubar (Oman) :

Till a few years ago, Oman was known only for Muscat; however, tourism in Oman is much beyond just Muscat. One should know and must visit the Lost City of Ubar in Oman which is surrounded by mysteries and legends. However, the most common story is that Ubar was a rich city that was famous for its profitable frankincense trade. Nonetheless, thousands of years ago, a huge sandstorm buried the whole city. Ever since, lots of expeditions and explorers have been visiting the Dhofar region in southern Oman, to find the lost city. Hidden in the deep sands of Al Rub' Al Khali desert, which is the world's largest sand desert, the city of Ubar has unique architecture and historical ruins. The story of what happened to the city was told in the holy book of the Qur'an.

Best time to get there:

The best time to visit Oman and plan for Oman holiday packages is during the winter months from October to April. The weather during this time is pleasant and comfortable with warm sunny days and cooler nights.

There are several gems in the GCC Countries that are waiting to showcase their beautiful side to the world. Therefore, travel the offbeat path and you will be surprised by the amazing experience that is in store for you at the places less traveled.