How UAE is Changing Fashion Trends in 2020

Mabruqq's Editor FASHION Jun 16, 2020
How UAE is Changing Fashion Trends in 2020

According to the State of Fashion 2020 report published by McKinsey & Company and Business of Fashion, the exchange of plans and promises for meaningful action in the fashion industry has gained favor, with sustainability at the top of the industry's list of major challenges and sustainability being the most important issue when it comes to sales and loyalty. Innovations continue to differentiate the leading companies in the clothing and footwear industry from the laggards, offering them novel introductions that appeal to consumers who want more, less, and better at the same time.

The Middle East is beginning to transform itself from a historic importer of fashion trends to expanding exporter. Middle Eastern fashion companies are raising their game as global fashion history comes to the front.

Above all, someone is shopping at Dubai Fashion Week, which is underway for the second year in a row, and others are wearing tailcoats. Following the launch of the first fashion show of its kind in Dubai, new designers from the GCC countries are making their mark on the fashion industry. The name and growing international recognition are a testament to the success of Dubai's fashion scene in recent years, with a number of high-profile brands including the Burj Khalifa, Zaha Hadid from Abu Dhabi and the UAE's own Emaar.

Fashion Expo Arabia 2009 was a big effort, but it has failed so far, although its website insists that the event will take place near early. Its press release claims that it is "the first of its kind in the Middle East," but even at home, it lacks credibility. Fashion week in Abu Dhabi was impressive, but short-lived, and this season it has struggled to be taken seriously.

Shopping in the United Arab Emirates is as popular as ever, and fashion lovers from around the world flock to splash the cash. The Dubai Mall, which is already the largest in the world, will have a huge extension, giving away space that is said to be "ecstatic" and offer more space to add. Now people coming to Dubai are shopping not only from retail stores but, also from online shopping stores like Noon,, Bath and Body Works, Namshi, Sephora, and many others.

How UAE is Changing Fashion Trends For 2020

With a bunch of established designer brands showcasing their collections in the year, 2020 could be the beginning of the end of fast fashion as we know it, and other brands are planning to do the same. With the current nature of the shows, it will become easier for affordable stores to showcase luxury brands soon. The first phase of Ounass, the first of its kind in the United Arab Emirates, includes a range of luxury brands like Gucci, Armani, Emporio Armani, Off-White, Parada, Dolce & Gabbana, and lot pretty names.

This year, a huge curveball has mingled with modern fashion icons, and as we've already seen in 2019, it's starting to turn out to be something that's not so easy to achieve, a trend that doesn't seem to be slowing down in 2020.

Not only all these but, UAE is having a deep internet penetration, which cause a great impact on the online selling of the products. UAE has seen a lot of changes in the past few years, and one of the biggest was getting everyone into online shopping, which was proved not that hard. Dubai being the hot spot of fashion in the world has given birth to a lot of designers and online market place, where there is no compromise on quality. Few names which are addressed as designer luxury houses in UAE are Ounass, The Luxury Closet, Boutique1, Modanisa, and Riva Fashion. One can easily find a 100% authentic great designer fit for her/him with these beautifully crafted websites.

How UAE is Changing Fashion Trends For 2020

Research, development, and innovation will play a critical role in achieving short-term sustainability goals and reinventing the business model for the next generation of fashion brands in the UAE.