How Travel & Tourism Will Look Post Covid-19

Mabruqq's Editor TRAVEL Aug 04, 2020
How Travel & Tourism Will Look Post Covid-19

Everyone is aware of what's the biggest worry the world is facing from around the last 7-8 months, and no one knows when this nightmare is going to stop. One of the biggest worries around the globe is of economy and standing still industries. Travel and tourism is the most impacted industry by Covid-19 in every country and still can’t see revival any soon. There are many hot topics which are been discussed by professional and experts that how to start a journey after this pandemic ends. Let’s have a look at what experts say.

  • When traveling comes back to normal, try to go on a road trip on your own vehicle and avoid public transport.
  • Visit a known place, and stay close to your home town
  • Choose a vacation rental instead of usual hotels.

The coronavirus is an unimaginable thing that happened to humankind and has a very well disrupted life in many ways. The world is definitely not the same place as it used to be a few months ago. But as things have to get normal and we have to learn to live in this situation like this until it vanishes from mother earth. Industries are already coming back and rest will also cope with time.

Things are getting online and hope your next booking would be done online with a mandate travel insurance.

We would be able to see a lot of new trends coming to the travel industry, which would be acceptable by tourists and industry, both. According to experts, the domestic destination would be a great attraction, as they will be easily accessible and reachable by their own vehicle.

According to the shared experience of the world-class travel agencies, they say that travelers are a bit hesitant in traveling from the flight, and are up to travel to even long-distance destination by road.

Slow Return

Experts are seeking a close eye on how and when the travel industry will start coming back to the track, and most of them think that it will take a bit long time to come back to the pace if compared with other industries, and people will stick to local destination for a while. Travelers' trust would be the strongest part and a game-changer for the travel industry's comeback.

How Travel & Tourism Will Look Post Covid-19

Big Changes In Aviation Industry

We can expect and see huge changes in airport health screening system to fight better against coronavirus. Many countries have already started practicing temperature screening just after the news of the breakout of coronavirus in China. Emirates has recently become a super-fast COVID-19 test flight.

Rest many international flights are practicing wearing face masks and maintaining distance seating among passengers.

There are many things that can come to play like the requirement of the immune test report and many connected things that can possibly break out the virus, if not handled strictly.

It will be a hard time for airports to rethink and redo everything from security to baggage and ticket counter for all traveler safety. There are designs proposed by few companies in the world to put transparent barriers between passengers in every seat class in the flight. This is very practical and can be seen implemented in flights for the safety of passengers and aircraft crew very soon.

How Travel & Tourism Will Look Post Covid-19

Villa Stays

According to many pieces of research Villas would be the most tempting and asked accommodations by travelers who have started coming out and will come out soon. People want to get out of their houses but they also want to be safe from coronavirus. Villas are best to get in to travel again and still be socially distant from other travelers. Villas are a perfect solution for the guest who wants to get hygienic food which is specially made for themself by a personal chef and wants a personal pool and other kinds of stuff, which are typically part of rental villas.

Many travelers who have started booking in advance for the year 2021, are really interested in booking a villa instead of hotels.

Changes In Hotel

When the travel will open and travelers will start traveling again, hotels need to be very cautious and have to showcase their hygiene standards to the visitors. Hotels need to communicate and market their plans for keeping things best and safe for their visitors. Check-in and checkout policies have to change in the hotels, and maybe big brands like Hilton, Taj, and others will start doing COVID-19 testing to keep extra safety. This all depends upon the government and tourism department of the state also. Hotels may start practicing less or no-touch food and other provided utilities during the stay.

How Travel & Tourism Will Look Post Covid-19