How To Celebrate Ramadan During COVID-19

Mabruqq's Editor ARTS & CULTURE May 09, 2020
How To Celebrate Ramadan During COVID-19

The Holy month of Ramadan brings the opportunity to worship Allah. In this holy month Muslim community crowded together and celebrate iftar party. But this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we all are spending Ramadan indoors at home. That means people not go for prayer at mosque, no family visit and no iftar party.

This year of Ramadan people can spend quality time with their family. People  Organise their iftar party with family members present at home and make unforgettable memories.

In these modern days due to busy schedules, the family may not always meet but Ramadan is the perfect time for spending time with family and taking suhoor and iftar together.

1. Fast

Fasting during the month of Ramadan is the main activity for all healthy muslims people. Fasting during Ramadan means abstinence from all food or drink from dawn to sunset. In Ramadan fast people eat before sunrise meal known as suhoor and after sunset, Muslims people break their fast which is known as iftar. Fasting are not mandatory for children who have not reached puberty and those who are physically or mentally not capable of fasting and for pregnant women.


2. Prayer

In Ramadan, muslim people pray all the prayers at the mosque or at home. If you forget to pray then you can combine the prayer with another prayer at home. There are five times namaz all the day and  every namaz or prayers has a different meaning and benefit for the devotees. Fajr prayer, the first of five daily prayers , is offered. Fajr prayer starts with the beginning of dawn and remains till the sun rises. After the first namaz, Muslims perform their second prayer which is Zuhar and this prayer is performed at noon. After the Zuhar prayer, it is time for the Asar prayer and it starts in the afternoon. Maghrib prayers start immediately after the sunset. Isha prayer is the last prayer of the day and Isha prayer time starts when the time of Maghrib prayers ends and it remains until midnight.


3. Read the Quran

In the holy month of Ramadan many people try to complete reading the full Quran and this can happen by reading one section each day. Many people even complete the full Quran multiple times by the end of Ramadan. If you want to finish the Quran early then it’s necessary to read more daily. While reading the Quran try to explore what is exactly written inside the holy book. If you want to understand the words of Allah then you need to interpret the word of the Quran.


4. Avoid Distraction

In the month of Ramadan avoid going out. The main focus in this month should be fasting and worshipping. Due to lockdown, this is the precious time spending with family. Spend extra time yourself in the worship of Allah. Spend extra time reading the holy book Quran and try to increase your knowledge by reading holy books. Try to worship more in Ramadan.

5. Eat Healthy

Ramadan is a long holy month celebrated with lots of enthusiasm by muslim people around the world. Ramadan is also an opportunity to do charity work and spend time with family and friends. During Ramadan, people do not eat or drink anything during daylight hours, eating one meal just before dawn and another after sunset. Suhoor & Iftar meals during Ramadan should be healthy meals as it is a very good option because it is almost one month to celebrate festivals, so eating healthy and keeping yourself hydrated all day is a good option.