Facts You Didn't Know About UAE Shoppers

Mabruqq's Editor LIFESTYLE Sep 03, 2020
Facts You Didn't Know About UAE Shoppers

The ever-growing e-commerce market in UAE has seen a huge surge during the recent global lockdown with increased demand for online supplies by the consumers. The paradigm may not entirely shift to online retailing but the stage is set for more growth than ever before.

Region’s high penetration rate is also the reason more and more consumers are shifting to the online ways of shopping as it is more convenient and reliable. There is a behavioral change in the shopping pattern of UAE consumers who are looking for more innovative services from retailers both online and on brick and mortar stores. A blend of both the online e-commerce benefits and the AI-driven services like virtual reality and augmented reality is what will interest the UAE shoppers seemingly.

We studied the decade-old data and observed the shopping pattern of the consumers in the UAE and found several amazing facts that drive them to make a purchase online.

Check out these amazing facts you didn’t know about UAE Shoppers:

1. Brand Conscious

It isn’t wrong to say that MEA shoppers are Brand Conscious. What we mean is that they only look for specific brands when they shop online. Being brand conscious makes it easy for them to particularly find what they are in need of. A survey suggests that “77% of UAE shoppers say they tend to shop with a specific brand in mind”. Brand-specific shopping also encourages product consumption, allows you to be a part of the community in a crowded marketplace, and gives you additional benefits like exclusive discounts, loyalty rewards, and membership profits.

2. Divided by Methods, United by Shopping

UAE’s online study found that 51% of shoppers in the region use a mobile wallet to shop, 48% use social media platforms, and 28% use messaging apps to make purchases. Also, UAE shoppers have an average of 5 shopping apps on their respective smartphones which is the highest number around the world. The shopper also likes shopping offline and one of the major reasons that influence an in-store purchase is the look and feel of the product, try & buy options and how intriguing the retail experience is while they’re purchasing. This is why 56% of total UAE consumers buy a product online and opt for an in-store pickup.

3. When Do They Shop

UAE shoppers prefer the winter holiday season for shopping for their favorite products. It is also the time when the whole country is occupied in Dubai Expo attractions and preparations kick-starts for Christmas & the Dubai Shopping Festival. The end of October is the month when online retailers start promoting their new product inventory while offering additional discounts and coupons to shoppers. During this time, 83% of shoppers are active and make purchases with a shopping app.

“More than half of online shoppers in the UAE use the internet to buy airline tickets, book hotels, shop for home appliances, and more.”

Facts You Did Not Know About UAE Shopper

4. Discounts Savvy

We all might have heard this proverb “Spend like Arabs” once in our life. This is actually true, Arabs are known to be extravagant shoppers but the age of digitization has changed their thinking as well. 60% of today’s UAE shoppers are ethical spenders who look for the best deal on online products and buys the same product in-store. They are bargain hunters who are always on the look-out for online sales and benefit from the exclusive discount codes and coupons available on the web. They also cited that the first user coupon on reputed e-commerce websites lured them to try new products. It is evident that price and value play a key role in product purchasing.

5. Digital Advertisements or Promotions

Online marketing is the ideal method for any online retailer to penetrate deep into growing e-commerce in the region. Time and again, online e-commerce websites promote their business through online advertisements and promotions to attract the potential customer into buying. Shoppers in UAE have even admitted that digital advertisements and sale promotions have had a strong influence on their buying decision which ultimately lead to a purchase.

6. Doorstep Deliveries & Time-Saving Choices

You might not know but MEA shoppers love doorstep deliveries. The online shopping trend in UAE has changed so much over the years that shoppers are now relying on doorstep deliveries. Doorstep deliveries allow you to get free delivery as per your schedule, on addresses you want, or even a store pick-up if you like. This long-lasting logistic improvement in online shopping has solved huge hurdles.

7. Brick & Mortar Model of Shopping

The offline model of shopping is still popular among the UAE consumer as it brings trust and satisfaction to them in the form of retail experience. One other thing adding to this pattern is the entertaining vibe of the malls that attract them to shop at brick & mortar stores. Also, being the 4th most visited global city, Dubai’s offline retail experience is like a year-round festival that has all the glitz and glamour of the world.