Parking in Dubai Mall - Timings, How to Check, Valet & More

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Parking in Dubai Mall - Timings, How to Check, Valet & More

Dubai Mall is one of the busiest spots in Dubai attracting thousands of visitors everyday. More crowd means the need for more parking spaces. With the capacity of 14,000 parking slots, Dubai Mall has cater to the needs of people and added convenience to their visit. Parking is Dubai Mall is free of cost except for Valet Parking.

Dubai Mall has a 3 multi-storey car parking space that covers an area of about 550,000 square meters. There are 4 main car parking sections but make sure you park your car at a spot closest to your destination.

  1. Fashion Parking
  2. Cinema Parking
  3. Grand Parking
  4. Zabeel Parking

Fashion Parking

Located near  Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd, Dubai Mall Fashion Parking has total of 2488 parking spots spread across 11 Levels on Ground floor and Basement. You can choose where you wish to park your car depending upon the slot availability. Nearest spots to Fashion Parking are:

  • Hermes
  • Boucheron
  • Tom Ford
  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Alexander McQueen

Coordinates of Fashion Parking-

  • Latitude: 25.199306
  • Longitude: 55.276444

For parking near Dubai Fountain , choose the nearest Fashion Parking and follow the signs to reach Dubai Fountain at lower ground floor. Alternatively, you can also choose to park at Souk-Al-Bahar and take a short walk to the Fountains.

If you’ve an appointment at Dubai Mall Mediclinic , we recommend you use the P7, Fashion Parking. It is convenient, easy to remember and is the perfect place to park. In case you don’t find parking on Level 7 & 8, you can use the space available at Level 9 and higher.

Cinema Parking

Cinema Parking is a multi-level parking with 9 levels from P1 to P9 and has 4200 parking slots. This Parking section is closest to VR Park and Starbucks. Other nearby landmarks are:

  • Reel cinemas
  • Valentino
  • Nespresso Boutique
  • Mashreq Bank
  • Trampo Extreme

Coordinates of Cinema Parking-

  • Latitude: 25.1942946
  • Longitude: 55.2808489

Dubai Mall Cinema Parking opens from:

  • Mon-Sun - 10:00 AM - 03:00 PM

Grand Parking

Dubai Mall Grand Parking has a total of 1594 parking slots. It has 2 levels - Grand Level 1 and Grand Level 2 and is located at Emaar Properties PJSC, Grand Car Park - P1, Financial Center Rd, Dubai. Nearest stores to Grand Parking are:

  • Tissot
  • Galeries Lafayette

Coordinates of Grand Parking-

  • Latitude: 25.1991574
  • Longitude: 55.2794683

Zabeel Parking

Zabeel Parking has 2352 parking slots and is adjacent to Food court. Some nearest spots to Zabeel Parking are:

  • Peppers,
  • Mcdonald's
  • KFC
  • Baskin Robbins

Coordinates of Zabeel Parking-

  • Latitude: 25.199138
  • Longitude: 55.283403


Dubai Mall Parking P2

There’s another parking spot called Dubai Mall Parking P2 also known as the Boulevard Parking P2. This underground parking has 2200 spots for visitors located on Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard.

Food Court Parking

Dubai Mall has 2 food court, one on second floor which is closer to reel cinemas and the other on lower ground floor with close proximity to Dubai Mall’s Grand Parking. Visitors visiting Dubai Mall’s Food Court should choose either:

  • Lower Ground Food Court and park at Dubai Mall Fashion Parking or
  • Second floor Food Court which is closer to Cinema Parking.

Dubai Mall Parking For Burj Khalifa

Fashion Avenue Car Parking at Lower Ground (LG) Level is the most convenient place to park when visiting Burj Khalifa.

Dubai Mall Parking For Waitrose

Located on the lower Ground Floor, Waitrose is a supermarket for buying groceries, fresh produce and baked products. Shoppers visiting Waitrose supermarket should park their vehicles at P1, Cinema Parking (Lower Ground Floor) .

Dubai Mall Parking For Al Baik

Al-Baik is located on the second floor of Dubai Mall. If you’re visiting Al-Baik, the closest parking spot is P7, Cinema Parking.

Dubai Mall Parking For Apple Store

Apple store is located on Ground and First Floor of Dubai Mall overlooking Dubai Fountain. For shoppers visiting Dubai Mall Apple store, it is convenient to park your cars at Cinema Parking at Ground or First Floor.

Contact - 800 0444 9012

Valet Parking

Dubai Mall also offers valet parking options for visitors in different locations. Check out the following Valet Parking locations:

  • Zabeel
  • Fashion Avenue - MBR Boulevard
  • Fashion Avenue Parking Level 3
  • Bloomingdale’s
  • Grand Atrium
  • The Souk
  • Galeries Lafayette
  • Promenade Plaza
  • Dubai Hills Mall

Valet Parking charges for each location is different and starts from AED 30 and goes all the way up to AED 500. You can choose either Normal Valet Parking or VIP. Here’s a YouTube video for the price list of Valet Parking in the Dubai Mall App.

Dubai Mall Parking Fee

Public parking is free in Dubai Mall all day long at various locations. The only time visitors pay for parking is when they opt for valet parking and VIP Valet parking.

Dubai Mall Parking Timings:

  • Sunday-Thursday: 10:00 am- 12:00 am
  • Friday-Saturday: 10:00 am – 01:00 am
  • Contact - +971–800-38224-6255

For all the real time information on Dubai Mall Parking, download the Dubai Mall App and you’re sorted for your visit.

Other landmarks where you can park your vehicles is Souk Al Bahar Parking, Dubai Mall Zabeel Expansion Parking, Green Parking at Dubai Opera, and Boulevard Parking.

Dubai Mall has also link its services with Road and Transport Authority (RTA). RTA App helps the user find the best spot for parking. With over 1million downloads, it is go to app for finding the best parking spot anywhere in Dubai and comes with seamless payment options.

Stores near parking:

  • Grand Parking Level 1 - Galeries Lafayette, Paris Gallery, Grand Atrium, Dubai Aquarium, Bloomingdale’s
  • Fashion Parking Level LG - At the Top Burj Khalifa
  • Fashion Parking Level G or 1 - Fashion Avenue
  • Cinema Parking Level G - Dubai Ice Rink
  • Cinema Parking Level 1 - Debenhams, M&S
  • Cinema Parking Level 2 - Kidzania & Reel Cinemas

Dubai Mall Parking FAQs

Is parking free in Dubai Mall?

Parking is free all-day long in Dubai Mall. You can park anywhere on the allotted parking space at any given time of the day. You can c

Where can I park my car in Dubai Mall?

Dubai Mall has 4 parking areas - Fashion, Cinema, Grand and Zabeel Parking. There’s also parking available at Souk-Al-Bahar and Boulevard area. The best place to park in Dubai mall is Fashion parking as it is easily accessible and is close to Fashion Avenue, Dubai Fountain and many popular stores. The parking lot gets busier in the evening so it is recommended to reach the mall before 3:45-4:00 PM to avoid congestion.

Can I park overnight in Dubai Mall?

No, you cannot park your car overnight in Dubai Mall.

Where do you park when visiting Burj Khalifa?

Closest parking to Burj Khalifa is Fashion Avenue Car Parking. Visitors can park at Level Lower Ground Floor.

How much is parking in Dubai mall?

Dubai Mall offers free all-day parking options to visitors visiting the Dubai mall. Visitors will have to pay if they use Valet parking option. Valet parking charges starts from AED 30 and go as high as 500 AED for VIP Valet parking.

How many parking in Dubai mall?

Dubai Mall's Parking capacity is close to 14,500. You can part at different section like Fashion Parking, Cinema Parking, Grand Parking & Zabeel Parking. Check out slot availability under Parking section on the Dubai Mall App.