Explore Dubai Mall Inside Out with Our Dubai Mall Guide

Mabruqq's Editor TRAVEL Apr 11, 2022
Explore Dubai Mall Inside Out with Our Dubai Mall Guide

If Dubai is the falcon of the Middle East, then Dubai Mall symbolizes its strength, superiority, vision, and victory. An abode of entertainment, retail, dining, and luxury, Dubai Mall is the epicentre of all things fun, fashion and flashy.

The largest and the most-well known mall in the world where people from every corner of this world come to shop, stay, get surprised, explore and eat. Its sprawling land and extraordinary architecture is one thing and its offerings, another. From the ultra luxurious silhouettes & global labels to home-grown specialities, fusion restaurants, & entertainment parks, what is offered in Dubai Mall is not offered anywhere on the planet.

Dubai Mall is one-of-a-kind Mall that gives you the experience of a high-tech la-la-land. From extraordinary man-made wonders like underwater aquarium, indoor fountain, Ski Dubai to mind-boggling restaurants, virtual world and 1200+ reatil shopping outlets, the memories of Dubai mall will be etched in your hearts forever. With our Dubai Mall guide, we offer to take you on a journey of endless surprises and how you can plan your visit to different sections of Dubai Mall.

Explore Dubai Mall Inside Out with Our Dubai Mall Guide

Follow our Dubai Mall guide to explore every nook and corner of this extraordinary destination.

But first let’s look at some of the facts that make Dubai Mall extraordinarily amazing!

Dubai Mall Facts:

  1. Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world. The total land area is 1,124,000 square meters.
  2. It has the world’s largest indoor aquarium which is built with world’s largest acrylic panel - 108 feet wide, 27 feet high and 29. 5 inches thick. The total weight of the panel is 541, 486 pounds and has its name registered in Guinness Book of World Records.
  3. The world’s largest Candy store- Candylicious is located inside Dubai Mall. It occupies an area over 10,000 feet.
  4. Ever heard of a hotel inside a Shopping Mall? Dubai Mall has it! A 250-room luxury accommodation called Address Dubai Mall.
  5. One - Dubai Mall has a Waterfall. Second- it is mall’s most unique & eye-catching feature? Ask why? Because it’s a mystic waterfall. You can see sculptures of men diving together from this mesmerizing waterfall.
  6. It has the most number of stores in any mall around the world - 1200.
  7. It has an Olympic size skating rink spread across two floors.

Explore Dubai Mall Inside Out with Our Dubai Mall Guide

Frequently Asked Questions About Dubai Mall

  • How many shops in Dubai mall?
    Dubai Mall has a total of 1200 retail outlets, two anchor department stores and another 200 food & beverage outlets. In addition to this, it also has a 244 room and 449 serviced residences luxury hotel adjacent to it.
  • Dubai mall opening hours?
    Planning to go to Dubai Mall? Please refer to these details beforehand. Dubai Mall operates on these following timings. All stores are opened during this time.
    10:00 am – 11:00 pm (Sunday to Wednesday)
    10:00 am – 12:00 am (Thursday to Saturday)
  • Dubai Mall location?
    Dubai Mall is located in the Downtown Dubai area and next to the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa. Here is the complete address: Financial Center Street, Along Sheikh Zayed Road, Next to Burj Khalifa - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  • Is it worth visiting Dubai mall?
    Dubai Mall is one of the most visited places in the world attracting over 100 million visitors every year. Mind you, it is not just a shopping mall, it is an entertainment paradise, your kids favorite playground, a hub of exotic restaurants, and much much more. Dubai Mall has everything for everyone and your visit it worth every penny.
  • Is Dubai mall the biggest mall in the world?
    Yes, Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world with an area of 12 million square ft. The retail floor area covers about 5,400,000 square ft and the rest is dedicated to parking, food courts, restaurants, entertainment zones.
  • Who owns the Dubai mall?
    The Dubai Mall is owned by Emaar Properties. Though it is constructed by CCC and Dutco Balfour Beatty.
  • How many floors are in the Dubai mall?
    Dubai Mall has a total of 4 floors and each floor is dedicated to different activity.
  • What can you buy at Dubai mall?
    With over 1200 retail outlets, there is everything available at Dubai Mall. Fashion, food, jewelry, kids, grocery, perfumes, consumer electronics and more. For kids, there is aquarium, kidzania, VR Park, JumpnFun and numerous other activities.
  • Who built Dubai mall?
    Dubai Mall is constructed by the joint venture of CCC and Dutco Balfour Beatty for their client Emaar Properties. Over 13,000 tons of structural steel is used in construction of Dubai Mall which can accommodate 14,500 cars in its parking space spread across 12 floors. It took over 54 months to complete this project and was completed on March 2009.
  • How many restaurants does Dubai mall have?
    Dubai Mall has more than 200 restaurants. You will find all types of restaurants in Dubai Mall, starting from French, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Indian to Middle Eastern, British, American, Japanese, Healthy, Bakery, etc.
  • What is the value of Dubai mall?
    As per data, the value of Dubai Mall is $218 million.
  • Where is the mall of the world?
    Mall of the World is a proposed project to be built on Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed Road by Dubai Holding. It includes 8 million square feet of shopping areas, world’s largest indoor game park, theaters, cultural events, medical tourism facility, & about 20,000 hotel rooms. The mall is expected to have a footfall of 180 million annually. Detailed information here .
  • Is there any entry fee for Dubai mall?
    You can enter the Dubai Mall for free. There’s no entry ticket.
  • Dubai mall activities?
    Dubai Mall has a lot of activities starting from Aquarium & underwater zoo to Dolphin Show, Ski Dubai, Kidzania, Ice Rink, Shopping, Dolphin show, sports district, Dubai Dino, Trampo Extreme, indoor cinema, and many more. Read here -
  • Is parking free in Dubai Mall?
    There a parking fee of AED 20-40. Dubai Mall parking area is spread across an area 550,000 square meters.
  • How much to Ski in Dubai Mall?
    There are different ski-packages available which costs from AED 210 to AED 490. This includes 2-hour slope pass, full-day slope pass, SkiFly Slope, Snow Plus Slope, and Snow Premium Slope. Read the complete Ski Dubai Guide here.
  • How do you navigate the Dubai Mall?
    To navigate the Dubai Mall, just download the Dubai Mall App. In the search box, just type the store you are looking for, click on the store and choose navigate and you will be guided to that store. In case you’re heading towards Dubai Mall and you directly want to visit a particular store or restaurant, click on directions and the App will navigate you to the nearest parking lot close to the store or restaurant.
  • Is there free wifi at Dubai mall?
    Yes, there is free high-speed Wi-Fi available at Dubai Mall. Just switch on your Wi-Fi and search for the network @Dubai Mall By Emaar and connect to get access to free internet.
  • How many malls does Dubai have?
    Dubai has a total of 35 malls.
  • What is unique/special about Dubai mall?
    Dubai Mall has top-notch restaurants, flagship stores, entertainment zone for kids, aquarium, underwater Zoo, extreme sports activities, scenic views, sports complex, movie theaters, Ski Dubai, VR Park, and much more.

Explore Dubai Mall Inside Out with Our Dubai Mall Guide

Things To Do in Dubai Mall

“Out of the ordinary” is how we define Dubai Mall Entertainment zone. It combines all forms of entertainment inside a single establishment. Whether you’re a kid or an adult, each one of us needs some form of entertainment and Dubai Mall caters to all our needs.

Lets explore the top attractions and kids activities in Dubai Mall:

Dubai Mall Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Go face to face with the mysterious marine life inside a 48 meter tunnel called the Dubai Mall Aquarium . One of the largest in the world, this aquarium has the largest glass panel 75cm thick and a capacity of 10million litres of water. It is home to more than 33,000 aquatic animals including sharks, rays, sand tiger sharks, giant, groupers and 140 different species. Furthermore, there are activities like shark dives, snorkeling, specialty dives, meet-and-greet animal encounters and more.

Underwater Zoo located just above the aquarium allow visitors to get close to the universe’s beautiful creations like penguins, sea course, jellyfish, piranhas, water rats, and more. With this, you also get to meet the world’s largest reptile, The King Croc at Underwater Zoo. Explore the entire marine universe in a Glass bottom boat tour and learn interesting facts about underwater species.

  • Location - Ground & Second Floor
  • Cost- From AED 199 (Same for kids and adults)
  • Duration - 1-1.5 hours
  • Weekdays: Sunday–Wednesday: 10 AM-10 PM
  • Weekends: Thursday-Saturday: 10 AM-10 PM
  • Last admission 9.15 PM

Dubai Mall Guide: Explore The Famous Shopping Destination of the World Inside Out

Dubai Ice Rink

Shake off your legs because you’re about to enter an olympic size winter wonderland. Dubai Mall Ice Rink offers you a chance to take a spin inside the ice rink or take learning courses, attend DJ nights, snowfall sessions, and other gigs and events happening occasionally. Book your tickets to the coolest spot in Dubai.

  • Location- Ground Floor next to The Souk
  • Cost- From AED 75
  • Timings- Weekdays 10 AM–10 PM
  • Weekends 10 AM – 12 AM
  • Call - 800-38224-6255


Kidzania is an edutainment amusement Centre for kids spread across 7000 square meters. More like a city for kids, it provides learning in a fun way. Kidzania has a total of 40-role playing activities that helps your kid learn real life skills while enjoying the activities. Entry allowed for kids aged 2-16 years. Top Recommendation for Dubai Mall kids activities.

  • Location- Second Floor
  • Tickets - Economy- AED 195; Premium- AED 260
  • For Adults (17 years++) - AED 80
  • Toddler (2-3 years)- AED 110
  • Timings- Monday-Sunday: 10 AM-10 PM
  • Call - 800-382246255

Burj Khalifa Top Views

Visiting At the Top Burj Khalifa should be in your list of things to do in Dubai . At The Top Burj Khalifa opens the door to the magical views of Dubai’s landscape. Dubai Mall is the only way to get to Burj Khalifa top, take the exit from Dubai Mall’s lower ground floor and walk towards Burj Khalifa elevator. Sunset is the best time to visit Burj Khalifa top but it is the most busiest time while mornings are usually less crowded.

  • Location- Burj Khalifa Tower Floors 125, 124 and 148
  • Tickets - From 159 AED
  • Timings- Sunday-Thursday: 10AM-12AM
  • Friday-Saturday: 10AM-12AM
  • Last entry- 11 PM
  • Call - 800-28843867

Explore Dubai Mall Inside Out with Our Dubai Mall Guide

Dubai Fountain & Light Show

Spectacular doesn’t end here, Dubai Fountain, built on a 30-acre lake, takes it a notch higher with its choreographed performances. Built by the creators of Fountains of Bellagio, this modern attraction is the largest musical fountain in the world and sits between Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, and Souk-Al-Bahar.

The best views of Dubai Fountain are experienced from the waterfront promenade usually during sunset or night. Other fun activities around the fountain include an abra lake ride, self-pedal boats, kayaks, Dubai fountain boardwalk, outdoor dining at a nearby restaurant with fountain views, a Dubai Mall night tour, and a Dubai Canal cruise. The special thing about Dubai Fountain is that it is the tallest performing fountain in the world.

Fountain Show Timings:

  • Afternoon:  01:00 pm – 01:30 pm
  • Evening: 06:00 pm – 11:00 pm (every 30 mins)
  • Friday: 01:30 pm – 02:00 pm
  • Cost- Free

Lake Ride Timings:
Cover the 30-acre picturesque lake inside Dubai Mall in a boat ride and watch breathtaking views of Dubai Fountain up close.

  • Timings- 05:45PM–11:30PM
  • Lake ride ticket price- AED 65 per person
  • Last Boat Departs - 11 PM

Dubai Reel Cinema

Dubai Mall’s Reel Cinema Megaplex lets you experience movies just how you like them. For a luxury cinema experience, choose Reel Platinum Suite, for those who like munching during movies - there’s Reel Dine-in-cinema, for kids - there is Reel Junior, Reel Premier, and Reel Boutique for a laid-back experience. Action lovers can get immersed in the latest tech that enhances the experience in 4D, Screen X, and MX4D. You can also book a private screening at Reel cinemas.

  • Location- Second Floor
  • Tickets - From AED 45 (depending upon the experience & showtimes)
  • Timings- 10AM-2AM
  • Call - 800-38224-6255

Explore Dubai Mall Inside Out with Our Dubai Mall Guide

Infinity des Lumieres

Not your regular Art Gallery, Infinity Des Lumieres is a magical world that immerses you in an innovative Digital Storytelling Art. It combines the world’s famous art with digital technology innovation transforming the way of understanding and communicating with Art. With the use of 130 high-tech projectors, 58 speakers, and 3000 HD digital moving images, this 2700 square meter venue bring contemporary Art to life.

It has 3 must-see Art exhibitions:

  1. Van Gogh - The Dutch painter’s most famous paintings The Starry Night, Bedroom at Arles, The Potato Eaters, & Sunflowers look visually stunning inside this moving art gallery. All these paintings swirl and move and with the help of digital art technology, you can experience every brushstroke and color. Blended with the thoughtfully curated music, it is a treat for the eyes & the heart.
  2. Dreamed Japan - This masterpiece by Hokusai depicts 19th-century Japan where samurais and geishas dominated the land. The exhibition place is lightened up by floating world pictures synchronized with soothing music, lights, and colors.
  3. Verse - By Thomas Vanz, Verse is inspired by the Universe that showcases art in its purest form. From cosmic events to harmonious movements of the galactic bodies, Verse amazes you and takes you on a hypnotic journey of colors, shapes, and sounds composed by Jonathan Fitas.
  • Location- Second Floor opposite Galeries Lafayette
  • Tickets - AED 125 (for Adults); AED 75 (kids aged 3-13), Free (kids under 3 years)
  • Timings- Sunday-Wednesday: 10 AM-9 PM
  • Thursday-Saturday: 10 AM-11 PM
  • Duration - 90 mins
  • Reschedule your visit until 48 hours before the visit.

Explore Dubai Mall Inside Out with Our Dubai Mall Guide

Dubai Dino

No, Dubai Dino is not inside a museum, it’s inside the Dubai Mall. This resident dinosaur, Dubai Dino is a fossil of Diplodocus longus, 8 meter tall, 25 meter wide and nearly 155 million year old. Dubai Dino is a symbol of prehistoric era. A must-visit tourist spot for your kids as they can learn more about  creatures origins and be a part of the Jurassic era.

Fact- Since Dubai Mall have a greater number of visitors than Museums, the authorities decided to install it inside the Mall.

  • Timings- open 24 hrs
  • Location- Souk, Dubai Mall
  • Ticket- Free

VR Park

Experience the Dubai of 2050 at the largest Virtual Reality theme park in the world. A treat for all ages, VR Park has over 30 virtual reality game experiences including horror, adventure, sports, leisure, educational, etc. Be it the Burj Khalifa Drop or an adventure off-roading trip in the Dunes, each experience will get your heart pumping.

More games include battle spiders, scorpions, snakes on, VR Mania, Robocom VR, Hologate, Sphere. There’s also a softly play area, gentle rides, arcade games, for little ones and a PVRK cafe for lounging around.

  • Location- Second Floor
  • Tickets - Entry Free, Ride cost From AED 15 to AED 45; Gold Pass- AED 200
  • Timings- Sunday-Thursday: 10 AM- 10 PM
  • Friday- 10AM-12AM
  • Saturday- 10AM-6PM
  • Call - 800-382246255
  • Parking - P7, Cinema Parking

Dubai Mall Guide: Explore The Famous Shopping Destination of the World Inside Out

Trampo Extreme

Trampo extreme is an indoor attraction that offers plethora of fun activities for your kids to indulge in. From climbing 6 sky-high walls & diving in the foam pit to dunking with basketball, playing in an interactive dodgeball area, running through Spanish maze, etc.

Additional activities include Battle Zone, high jump, air bag, ascending spiral, ball pool, Chill Blocks, Monkey Bars, Trapeze, Race Track, Main Court, Cave Sides, Sweeper, Trailblazer, Boulder Ascend, Dodge Attack, Stepping Stones, Boulder Descend, Slackline, Ball Slump, Role Play Area, Waiting Chambers.

  • Location- Near Reel Cinema
  • Tickets - AED 85 / hour - Online booking: AED 76.5 / hour
  • Jump + Climb:
    • AED 100
    • Additional hour: AED 85
    • Full day pass: 240
  • Jump:
    • AED 85
    • Additional hour: AED 75
    • Full day pass: 210
  • Timings- 10 AM-10 PM
  • Duration- 2 to 3 hrs
  • Age limit- 3 years & above
  • Call - +971-4-388-2282
  • Parking - Parking Level 10

Sky Views Observatory

Sky View observatory Dubai sweeps the floor of your feet with its thrilling views and offerings. Located on level 52 of the Address Sky View Hotel, Sky View Observatory is a must-do attraction and a sight to behold.

It’s three distinct offerings - Observatory view, Glass Slide and Edge Walk is something truly unforgettable.

  1. Sky View Observatory is a 46m long glass walk to the adjacent building giving you the birds-eye view of Downtown Dubai and city’s skyline.
  2. Glass slide is a ride inside the transparent glass tunnel from level 53 to level 52. Charms you with its panoramic views.
  3. 220 meter above the ground is another enthralling experience called the Egde walk. A 20-minute hands-free air walking experience along the ledge of the 53rd floor that encircles the top of the tower’s main pod. Just don’t look down, please!!
  • Location: 52nd & 53rd floor, Address Sky View Hotel
  • Timings: 11 AM- 8 PM
  • Tickets:  Sky Observatory + Glass Slide -Adults: AED 70 & AED 90 (Sunset)
  • Kids (3-16 years)- AED 60 & AED 70 (Sunset)
  • Sky Edge Walk- AED 704
  • Call: 800-2884-3867

Explore Dubai Mall Inside Out with Our Dubai Mall Guide


Think you’re brave enough? Try Hysteria. This extremely haunted attraction evokes your deepest fear and takes you on a journey of horror. This 15 room mansion can blow your mind with its dark corridors, horrifying characters, and the scariest of elements. Be prepared to scream as your biggest nightmare awaits you.

  • Location- 2nd Floor, Next to Lego store
  • Timings- Saturday-Wednesday: 10 AM - 12 AM
  • Thursday-Friday: 10 AM- 1 AM
  • Tickets- AED 100 per person
  • Duration- 6-10 mins approx.
  • Call - 9714 330 84 24
  • Parking - P7, Cinema Parking

Explore Dubai Mall Inside Out with Our Dubai Mall Guide

Zabeel Sports District

Dubai Mall has created a 20,000 square foot multi-sports complex for you on the rooftop of Dubai Mall Zabeel for all sports enthusiasts. With 5 panoramic padel tennis courts, 4 badminton courts, 2 basketball courts, 2 volleyball courts and a cricket pitch (with safety nets), Zabeel Sports offers endless opportunities to upskill, spend leisure time and grow your game.

Apart from this, there’s a dedicated coaching staff which can help you enhance your skills or learn a new sport. All you need to do is check the coaching schedule and book a session with them at your convenience. No membership required.

  • Location- Rooftop 9th floor, Dubai Mall Zabeel
  • Timings- 8 AM- 12 AM
  • Tickets:
  • Padel Tennis-AED 250 per court
  • Badminton-AED 30
  • Basketball & Volleyball-AED 150 per player
  • Cricket-AED 100 per person
  • Duration- as per sessions
  • Call - (04) 4485131

Explore Dubai Mall Inside Out with Our Dubai Mall Guide


Children’s carousel on the second floor is yet another kids attraction. This small magical ride with galloping horses and soothing music will be truly enjoyed by your kids.

  • Location- Second Floor, near Bloomingdales
  • Ticket- AED 16 per child.

If you thought Dubai Mall is all about shopping, think again! There’s a world inside Dubai Mall that is beyond a kids imagination but one where kids would want to spend the entire trip. Dubai Mall attractions are more shocking than surprising. All this entertainment inside a single entity called The Dubai Mall.

Explore Dubai Mall Inside Out with Our Dubai Mall Guide

Dubai Mall Restaurants & Cafes

Well, well, well, we’re already mouth-watered while we write this. Dubai Mall has a plethora of restaurants and fine dining choices for the visitors. From jaw-dropping views, elegant ambience to prompt service and polite staff, eating here is an experience in itself. With 200 restaurants inside, you’re never short of options, you are just confused about where to eat and sorry to break it to you this might take 30-45mins to decide.

Dubai Mall has 2 food courts located on 2nd floor and lower ground floor. Level 2 food court is closer to Reel cinemas and Kidzania whereas the lower ground floor food court is closer to grand parking. Since majority of Dubai Mall’s visitors eat at the Food Court, it has a plethora of restaurants serving different cuisines for different taste buds.

Explore Dubai Mall Inside Out with Our Dubai Mall Guide

Lets look at restaurants in Dubai Mall food court:

  • Grill Shack (2nd Floor)
  • Hatam (2nd Floor)
  • Zaatar W Zeit (Ground Floor)
  • Pizza Hut (2nd Floor)
  • Soy Restaurant (2nd Floor)
  • Debonairs Pizza (Ground Floor)
  • Doner Kebab (2nd Floor)
  • Taza (2nd Floor)
  • Karam Express (2nd Floor)
  • KFC (2nd Floor)
  • Krispy Kreme (2nd Floor)
  • Pad Thai (2nd Floor)
  • Burger King (2nd Floor)
  • McDonalds (2nd Floor)
  • Noon & Kabab (2nd Floor)
  • Charleys (2nd Floor)
  • Texas Chicken (2nd Floor)
  • Cinnabon (2nd Floor)
  • Indian Palace Express (Ground Floor)
  • Jollibee (2nd Floor)
  • Taqado (2nd Floor)
  • New York Fries (2nd Floor)
  • Panda Chinese (2nd Floor)

Restaurants in Dubai Mall serve everything from Italian, Middle Eastern, British, American, to Chinese, Indian, French, Japanese, and many more. We saved you some time, right?

Dubai Mall’s best restaurants include:

  • New Shanghai
  • Angelina
  • Nando’s
  • Social House
  • PepperMill
  • Eataly
  • Galeries Lafayette Le
  • Dubai Mall Food Court
  • Markette, Gia
  • The Cheesecake Factory
  • Chili’s
  • Tribes Carnivore.

Indulge in the world’s best delicacies with exquisite views of Burj Khalifa and the entire Dubai Skyline.

Dubai Mall Guide: Explore The Famous Shopping Destination of the World Inside Out

Dubai Mall Stores & Shopping Tips

Enticing, Irresistible, stupefying, and awe-striking, some words to describe Dubai Mall’s shopping experience. Shopping is one particular reason people visit the Dubai Mall because the options are endless. A whopping 1200 retail stores inside a mall that are a mix of both luxury and everyday fashion brands.

There are different sections dedicated to Shopping-

Fashion Avenue, located on the ground floor, is dedicated to high-fashion which includes France’s Galeries Lafayette and America’s Bloomingdale along with 200 other luxury brands. Read this guide to Dubai Mall Fashion Avenue.

Dubai Mall has two of the most famous departmental stores in the world:

Galeries Lafayette

Galeries Lafayette is an upmarket French retail store chain. Spread across 215,000 square feet, it is the biggest department store in Dubai Mall. Housing multiple brands under one roof, it is one-stop choice for shoppers.

Here you can shop women, men and kids fashion, accessories, jewelry, watches, luxury goods, homeware, lingerie, cosmetics & fragrances. After you’re done purchasing, you can eat at its famous fusion restaurant Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet which offers mouth-watering flavors from all around the globe just for you.

  • Location - 2nd Floor
  • Call- +971-4-339-9933

Explore Dubai Mall Inside Out with Our Dubai Mall Guide


America’s favorite retail outlet is now in Dubai Mall. Divided into two section- it has a main store that covers the area of 146,000 square foot and the other Bloomindale home which is built on 54,000 square foot land.

The main store’s offerings include fashion for all, beauty, fragrances, watches, fine jewellery, and luxury products. Whereas, Bloomingdale’s Home store offers an extensive collection of home decor items, furniture, glassware, serveware, textiles, ceramics, and more.

  • Location - 2nd Floor
  • Call- +971-4-350-5333

Explore Dubai Mall Inside Out with Our Dubai Mall Guide

Fashion Avenue

Quite popular among shoppers, Dubai Mall Fashion Avenue is located on the ground floor has 200 global fashion brands. The sheer beauty and aura of this place will attract you regardless of your motive to buy clothes or not. Brands include:

  • Gucci
  • Prada
  • Burberry
  • Christian Louboutin
  • Armani
  • Valentino
  • Dior
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Chanel & more.

Explore Dubai Mall Inside Out with Our Dubai Mall Guide

Souk District

On the other hand, is another shopping abode with walkways and jewellery shops, accessory outlets, traditional Arab clothing and handicraft stores. With a pure Arabian ambiance, Souk District has all homegrown Middle East brands.

Explore Dubai Mall Inside Out with Our Dubai Mall Guide

Level Shoe District

A shoe world of its own, Level Shoe District is one-of-a-kind footwear city. A dedicated 250 store shopping area spanning across 96,000 sq.ft. has all types of footwear brands in store- lifestyle, designer boutiques, & street footwear brands. This include:

  • Fendi
  • Gucci
  • Salvatore Ferragamo
  • Adidas
  • Nike
  • Puma
  • Reebok
  • Converse & More.

Explore Dubai Mall Inside Out with Our Dubai Mall Guide

The Village Dubai Mall

For a more informal flea market experience, visit The Village that offers the retail mix focuses on trendy denim & active lifestyle brands. Featuring a fully retractable roof, The Village is open during winter months enabling visitors to have a true outdoor feel. Checkout the list of all shopping outlets in Dubai Mall.

Explore Dubai Mall Inside Out with Our Dubai Mall Guide

Electronics Shops in Dubai Mall :

  • Al Yousuf Robotics (2nd floor)
  • Apple Store (1st floor)
  • Axiom (1st floor)
  • Bang & Olufsen (1st floor)
  • Bose (2nd floor)
  • Canon (2nd floor)
  • Debenhams (1st floor)
  • Dirham 4U Electronics (2nd floor)
  • Dyson (2nd floor)
  • E city (2nd floor)
  • E max (2nd floor)
  • Eros Digital Home (2nd floor)
  • Geekay Games (2nd floor)
  • Grand Stores Digital (Lower ground / 2nd floor)
  • HI Phone (2nd floor)
  • Harman House (2nd floor)
  • Huawei (2nd floor)
  • IQOS (1st floor)
  • Jumbo Electronics (2nd floor)
  • Leica Ground floor)
  • Mobicom (2nd floor)
  • Mobile Me (2nd floor)
  • Mobile Outfitters (2nd floor)
  • Mumuso (2nd floor)
  • My Vapery (lower ground floor)
  • OVape (2nd floor)
  • Phonebook (Ground 2nd floor)
  • Prox Computers (Ground Lower/ ground floor)
  • Ring (2nd floor)
  • Sadek Music (2nd floor)
  • Samsung (2nd floor)
  • Sharaf DG (2nd floor)
  • Sony (2nd floor)
  • Steam It (2nd floor)
  • Tarsal Image (2nd floor)
  • VIP (Ground floor)
  • Virgin Megastore (2nd floor)
  • Yamaha (2nd floor)
  • Z-Games (2nd floor)
  • B8ta (1st floor)

Fashion Shops in Dubai Mall :

  • 100% Capri (1st floor)
  • 7 For All Mankind (Ground Floor)
  • 800 Leather (2nd floor)
  • AAPE (Ground Floor)
  • Abdulla Hussain Khunji (Ground Floor)
  • Abdulla Hussain Khunji (Lower Ground Floor)
  • Accessorize (Ground Floor)
  • ADL (1st floor)
  • Agent Provocateur (1st floor)
  • Ai Zone (Ground Floor)
  • Aímer (1st floor)
  • Aigner (1st floor)
  • Al Khazana (Ground Floor)
  • Alaia (Ground Floor)
  • Aldo Accessories (1st floor)
  • Ali Al Jazeeri (Ground Floor)
  • ALKON (2nd floor)
  • Ai Zone (Ground Floor)
  • Aldo (Ground Floor)
  • Alexander McQueen (Ground Floor)
  • All Saints (Ground Floor)
  • American Eagle Outfitters (1st floor)
  • American Rag Cie (2nd floor)
  • American Vintage (1st floor)
  • Antler (Lower Ground Floor)
  • Annabelle(2nd floor)
  • Anthropologie (Ground Floor)
  • Antonio (2nd floor)
  • Armani Exchange (Ground Floor)
  • Armani/Dubai (Ground Floor)
  • Ash Fashion (Ground Floor)
  • Athlete's Co. (2nd floor)
  • Aqua (1st floor)
  • Aquazzura (1st floor)
  • B Hype (2nd floor)
  • B180 (2nd floor)
  • BAPE (Ground Floor)
  • BOSS (1st floor)
  • Baldinini (Ground Floor)
  • Balenciaga (Ground Floor)
  • Bally (1st floor)
  • Balmain (Ground Floor)
  • Balmain (Ground Floor)
  • Balmain (2nd floor)
  • Banana Republic (Ground Floor)
  • Basketbolista (2nd floor)
  • Bauhaus (1st floor)
  • Berluti (Ground Floor)
  • Bershka (1st floor)
  • Beverly Hills Polo Club (1st floor)
  • Birkenstock (Ground Floor)
  • Bloomingdale's (Ground Floor)
  • Boggi Milano (1st floor)
  • Bottega Veneta (Lobby)
  • Boucheron (Ground Floor)
  • Brand For Less (Lower Ground Floor)
  • Braccialini (1st floor)
  • Brandroom (1st floor)
  • Brett Johnson (1st floor)
  • Brooks Brothers (1st floor)
  • Brunello Cucinelli (Ground Floor)
  • Burberry (Ground Floor)
  • CH Carolina Herrera (Ground Floor)
  • COS (1st floor)
  • Caliente (2nd floor)
  • Caliente (1st floor)
  • Calvin Klein (Ground Floor)
  • Calvin Klein Underwear (1st floor)
  • Canali (Ground Floor)
  • Carmenta Boutique (1st floor)
  • Caterpillar (2nd floor)
  • Celine (Ground Floor)
  • Centrepoint (1st floor)
  • Cesare Paciotti (1st floor)
  • Chanel (Ground Floor)
  • Charles & Keith (Ground Floor)
  • Claudie Pierlot (Ground Floor)
  • Chloé (Ground Floor)
  • Chic (1st floor)
  • Christian Audigier (Ground Floor)
  • Christian Louboutin (Ground Floor)
  • Clarks (2nd floor)
  • Claire's (1st floor)
  • Claire's(2nd floor)
  • Closet Case (2nd floor)
  • Coach (Ground Floor)
  • Cole Haan (Ground Floor)
  • Columbia (Ground Floor)
  • Converse (2nd floor)
  • Cooltrap (2nd floor)
  • Couture by Rabia(2nd floor)
  • Creative Style(2nd floor)
  • Crocs (2nd floor)
  • DKNY (Ground Floor)
  • Dar Abayati (Lower Ground Floor)
  • D's Damat (1st floor)
  • D1 Milano (1st floor)
  • Debenhams (1st floor)
  • Dejavu (1st floor)
  • Derek Rose (2nd floor)
  • Desigual (Ground Floor)
  • Diesel (Ground Floor)
  • Dior (Ground Floor)
  • Dolce & Gabbana (Lobby)
  • Doppelganger Roma (1st floor)
  • Drop Kick (2nd floor)
  • Dsquared2 (1st floor)
  • Dune London (Ground Floor)
  • Ecco (1st floor)
  • Elie Saab (Ground Floor)
  • Elisabetta Franchi (1st floor)
  • Ermenegildo Zegna (Ground Floor)
  • Etro (1st floor)
  • Fabi (1st floor)
  • Fendi (Ground Floor)
  • Fila (Ground Floor)
  • FitFlop (2nd floor)
  • Florsheim (2nd floor)
  • Foot Locker (2nd floor)
  • Foot Locker (2nd floor)
  • Fred Perry (Ground Floor)
  • Furla (Ground Floor)
  • Gant (2nd floor)
  • Gap (Ground Floor)
  • Geox (2nd floor)
  • Gerard Darel (1st floor)
  • GinaGround Floor
  • Gianfranco Ferre (1st floor)
  • Giulio Twist (2nd floor)
  • Giuseppe Zanotti (Ground Floor)
  • Givenchy (Ground Floor)
  • Global Feet (2nd floor)
  • Go Sport (2nd floor)
  • Golden Goose (Ground Floor)
  • Gucci (Ground Floor)
  • Guess (Ground Floor)
  • H&M (Ground Floor)
  • HUGO (Ground Floor)
  • Hamac (Ground Floor)
  • Hanro (2nd floor)
  • Hanayen (Ground Floor)
  • Hanayen (Lower Ground Floor)
  • Hanayen(2nd floor)
  • Hermes (Lobby)
  • Hollister (Ground Floor)
  • INGIE Paris (1st floor)
  • IRO (1st floor)
  • Imperial(2nd floor)
  • Intimissimi (1st floor)
  • IRO (1st floor)
  • Jack Wolfskin (2nd floor)
  • John Lobb (Ground Floor)
  • John Varvatos (Ground Floor)
  • Jimmy ChooGround Floor
  • Karl Lagerfeld (1st floor)
  • Kenzo (1st floor)
  • Kiton (1st floor)
  • K. Lynn Bridal (1st floor)
  • KENDALL + KYLIE (1st floor)
  • Karen Millen (Ground Floor)
  • Kashkha (1st floor)
  • Kate Spade New York (Ground Floor)
  • Khaadi (1st floor)
  • Kristina Fidelskaya (1st floor)
  • Koton (1st floor)
  • Kurt Geiger (Ground Floor)
  • LC WAIKIKI (1st floor)
  • La Martina (1st floor)
  • Lacoste (Ground Floor)
  • Lacoste (Ground Floor)
  • Lancel (1st floor)
  • La Perla (1st floor)
  • La Senza (1st floor)
  • Le Boudoir d'Eden (1st floor)
  • Lefties (1st floor)
  • Level Shoes (Ground Floor)
  • Levi’s (Ground Floor)
  • Liu JoGround Floor
  • Liverpool Football Club (Lower Ground Floor)
  • Loewe (Ground Floor)
  • Louzan (2nd floor)
  • Lovisa (2nd floor)
  • Loro Piana (Ground Floor)
  • Louis Feraud (1st floor)
  • Louis Feraud (1st floor)
  • Louis Vuitton (Ground Floor)
  • Lululemon Athletica (Ground Floor)
  • Luxury of Sweden (2nd floor)
  • MANGO Man (1st floor)
  • MAX&Co.(1st floor)
  • MajeGround Floor
  • Mango (Ground Floor)
  • Manolo Blahnik (Ground Floor)
  • Magic Fyor (1st floor)
  • Marella (1st floor)
  • Maria Tash (1st floor)
  • Marie France Van Damme (1st floor)
  • Marina Rinaldi (1st floor)
  • Mashaykh (Lower Ground Floor)
  • Massimo Dutti (Ground Floor)
  • Mauzan(2nd floor)
  • Max Mara (Ground Floor)
  • Michael Kors (Ground Floor)
  • Missguided (1st floor)
  • Missoni (Ground Floor)
  • Miu Miu (Ground Floor)
  • Mmalesayi (Lower Ground Floor)
  • MCM (Ground Floor)
  • MUJI (Lower Ground Floor)
  • Maison Balmain (Ground Floor)
  • Mansour Jewellers (Ground Floor)
  • Marcelo Burlon (Ground Floor)
  • Marks & Spencer (1st floor)
  • Marvisia (2nd floor)
  • Massimo Dutti (Ground Floor)
  • Matalan (2nd floor)
  • Max (2nd floor)
  • Maybach Boutique (2nd floor)
  • Michal Negrin (2nd floor)
  • Moncler (Ground Floor)
  • MonsoonGround Floor
  • Moreschi (Ground Floor)
  • Monte Bianco (Ground Floor)
  • Moschino (Ground Floor)
  • Moynat (Ground Floor)
  • Mulberry (Ground Floor)
  • Mumuso (2nd floor)
  • NAPAPIJRI (2nd floor)
  • Nayomi (1st floor)
  • Nine West (Ground Floor)
  • New Era (Ground Floor)
  • Next (1st floor)
  • Nike (Ground Floor)
  • Nike Town (2nd floor)
  • Nous (Ground Floor)
  • Oakley (2nd floor)
  • Off White (Ground Floor)
  • Off-Aizone (Ground Floor)
  • Oysho (1st floor)
  • OXXO (1st floor)
  • Orlebar Brown (1st floor)
  • Palzileri (1st floor)
  • Party Zone (2nd floor)
  • Patrizia Pepe (1st floor)
  • Paul & Shark (Ground Floor)
  • Paul Smith (1st floor)
  • Parah (Ground Floor)
  • Parfois (1st floor)
  • Party Zone(2nd floor)
  • Philipp Plein (1st floor)
  • Pierre Cardin (2nd floor)
  • Pierre Cardin (Lower Ground Floor)
  • Pierre Cardin (Ground Floor)
  • Pierre Cardin (Ground Floor)
  • Pit Stop (2nd floor)
  • Pinko (1st floor)
  • Pleats Please (Ground Floor)
  • Prada (Lobby)
  • Project X Paris (2nd floor)
  • Pull & Bear (1st floor)
  • Puma (Ground Floor)
  • Queen Couture(2nd floor)
  • RVCA (1st floor)
  • Ralph Lauren (Ground Floor)
  • Reebok Classic (Ground Floor)
  • REDValentino (1st floor)
  • RIVA (1st floor)
  • Ralph & Russo (Ground Floor)
  • Reebok Classic (Ground Floor)
  • Rene Caovilla (1st floor)
  • Rivoli EyeZone (Lower Ground Floor)
  • Roger Vivier (Ground Floor)
  • Regetta Canoe (2nd floor)
  • Replay (2nd floor)
  • Reserved (1st floor)
  • Robin RuthLower (Ground Floor)
  • S.T. Dupont (Ground Floor)
  • Sacoor Brothers (Ground Floor)
  • Saint Laurent (Ground Floor)
  • Sana Osmani (1st floor)
  • Salem Alta Moda (2nd floor)
  • Salsa Jeans (Ground Floor)
  • Salvatore Ferragamo (Ground Floor)
  • Sandro (Ground Floor)
  • Santoni (1st floor)
  • Scotch & Soda (Ground Floor)
  • Scarves & Glitters (Lower Ground Floor)
  • Seafolly (1st floor)
  • Shaira (1st floor)
  • Skechers (Ground Floor)
  • Signature Yashmagh (2nd floor)
  • SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker (1st floor)
  • Splash (2nd floor)
  • St. John (1st floor)
  • Stefano Ricci (1st floor)
  • Stella McCartney (Ground Floor)
  • Steve Madden (Ground Floor)
  • Stitch In Time Tailoring (Lower Ground Floor)
  • Stradivarius (1st floor)
  • Superdry (2nd floor)
  • Symphony (Ground Floor)
  • Tara Jarmon (1st floor)
  • Temperley (Ground Floor)
  • The Kape(2nd floor)
  • TOMS (1st floor)
  • Ted Baker (Ground Floor)
  • The Bag House (Lower Ground Floor)
  • The North Face (2nd floor)
  • Thom Browne (Ground Floor)
  • Timberland (Ground Floor)
  • Tod's (Ground Floor)
  • Tom Ford (Lobby)
  • Tommy Bahama (2nd floor)
  • Tommy Hilfiger (Ground Floor)
  • Tommy Hilfiger (Ground Floor)
  • Tory Burch (Ground Floor)
  • Trendy Time (Ground Floor)
  • Twin Set (1st floor)
  • U.S. Polo Assn (2nd floor)
  • Undiz (1st floor)
  • Urban Outfitters (1st floor)
  • Uterqüe (1st floor)
  • Van Cleef & Arpels (Ground Floor)
  • Vans (2nd floor)
  • Vans (2nd floor)
  • Valege (1st floor)
  • Valentino (Lobby)
  • Versace (Ground Floor)
  • Victoria's Secret (Ground Floor)
  • Victoria's Secret Pink (1st floor)
  • Vincci (1st floor)
  • Vilebrequin (Ground Floor)
  • Weekend Max Mara (1st floor)
  • women'secret (1st floor)
  • Yamamay (1st floor)
  • YasmineGround Floor
  • Zara (Ground Floor)
  • Zilli (Ground Floor)
  • Zuhair Murad (1st floor)
  • Adidas (Ground Floor)
  • Adidas Originals (2nd floor)

Beauty & Fragrances Shops in Dubai Mall :

  • 1847 Executive Grooming for Men (2nd floor)
  • Abdul Samad Al Qurashi (Ground Floor)
  • Abdul Samad Al Qurashi (1st floor)
  • Abdul Samad Al Qurashi (1st floor)
  • Acqua Di Parma (2nd floor)
  • Ajmal (1st floor)
  • Ajmal Eternal (2nd floor)
  • Al Jazeera Perfumes (Ground Floor)
  • Al Muataq Perfumes (2nd floor)
  • Alexandre J (1st floor)
  • Amouage (1st floor)
  • Anfas Alkhaleej Perfume (Ground Floor)
  • Anfasic Dokhoon (1st floor)
  • Aqua Flor (2nd floor)
  • Arabella Pharmacy (Lower Ground Floor)
  • Arabian Oud (Ground Floor)
  • Arabian OudLower (Ground Floor)
  • Areej Al Ameerat (2nd floor)
  • Aroma Di Lamore (1st floor)
  • Atkinsons (2nd floor)
  • Azalea (2nd floor)
  • BOMB COSMETICS (1st floor)
  • Bath & Body Works (1st floor)
  • Bayt Al Saboun Al Loubnani (1st floor)
  • Blends of Love (2nd floor)
  • Bloomingdale's (Ground Floor)
  • Bobbi Brown (1st floor)
  • Boots Pharmacy (1st floor)
  • Bottega Veneta (Lobby)
  • Bvlgari (Ground Floor)
  • Byredo (1st floor)
  • Caractere (Lower Ground Floor)
  • Celestolite (1st floor)
  • Chanel Beauty Boutique (2nd floor)
  • Charlotte Tilbury (Ground Floor)
  • Clarins (1st floor)
  • Clinique (1st floor)
  • Debenhams (1st floor)
  • Dermalogica On Burj (1st floor)
  • Dior Fragrance & Beauty Boutique (2nd floor)
  • Dr Vranjes Firenze (1st floor)
  • Dyson (2nd floor)
  • EX NIHILO (1st floor)
  • Earth Scientific (1st floor)
  • Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle (1st floor)
  • Emirates Pride (1st floor)
  • Feet First Reflexology & Massage Centre (Lower Ground Floor)
  • Flormar (2nd floor)
  • Ghawali (2nd floor)
  • Goutal (2nd floor)
  • Graffio Gents Salon (Lower Ground Floor)
  • Gucci (Ground Floor)
  • Hadarah Perfumes (2nd floor)
  • Happy Nails Salon & Tanning Studio (Lower Ground Floor)
  • Henna Tent (Ground Floor)
  • Henry Jacques (2nd floor)
  • Hind Al Oud (2nd floor)
  • Hind Al Oud (1st floor)
  • IZIL Moroccan Beauty (1st floor)
  • Initio Parfums Privés & Tiziana Terenzi (2nd floor)
  • Ixora (1st floor)
  • Jardin De Parfums (Ground Floor)
  • Jo Malone London (1st floor)
  • Junaid For Perfumes (Ground Floor)
  • KHAS OUD & PERFUMES (2nd floor)
  • Kare Kut Gents Salon (Lower Ground Floor)
  • Khaltat (Ground Floor)
  • Khan Al Saboun (2nd floor)
  • Kido Caractere (Lower Ground Floor)
  • Kiehl's (1st floor)
  • Kiko Milano (Ground Floor)
  • Kilian (1st floor)
  • King Of Gaharu (Ground Floor)
  • Kryolan Professional Make-up (1st floor)
  • L'Occitane (Ground Floor)
  • Lavelier (Ground Floor)
  • Le Labo (1st floor)
  • Loewe (2nd floor)
  • Lootah (2nd floor)
  • Lush Cosmetics (1st floor)
  • L’Occitane En Provence (Ground Floor)
  • M Sentiment Perfumes (1st floor)
  • MAC (1st floor)
  • MIA USA (2nd floor)
  • Maison Francis Kurkdjian (2nd floor)
  • Make Up For Ever (1st floor)
  • Molton Brown (1st floor)
  • NARS (1st floor)
  • NStyle Beauty Lounge (1st floor)
  • NYX (1st floor)
  • Ne'emah (2nd floor)
  • Neal's Yard Remedies (1st floor)
  • Nicolai (2nd floor)
  • Nisa Cosmetics (Lower Ground Floor)
  • O Boticario (1st floor)
  • O Boticario - (2nd floor)
  • OPATRA (1st floor)
  • OROGOLD (1st floor)
  • Obagi Medi Spa (Lower Ground Floor)
  • Ojar (2nd floor)
  • Oud Dubai (Ground Floor)
  • Oud Elite (1st floor)
  • Oud Milano (Ground Floor)
  • Parfums De Marly (2nd floor)
  • Penhaligon's (2nd floor)
  • Perfumery & Co (2nd floor)
  • Petra (Lower Ground Floor)
  • Petra Cosmetics (Ground Floor)
  • Plethora (2nd floor)
  • Prada (Lobby)
  • Ramasat (Ground Floor)
  • Ramasat (1st floor)
  • Rasasi (1st floor)
  • Rituals (Ground Floor)
  • Roja Perfumes (2nd floor)
  • Rose Princess (Lower Ground Floor)
  • Sawalef (Lower Ground Floor)
  • Scentitude (2nd floor)
  • Sephora (Ground Floor)
  • Sisters Beauty Lounge (Lower Ground Floor)
  • Sospiro (2nd floor)
  • Super Trim (Lower Ground Floor)
  • Swiss Arabian (1st floor)
  • Swiss Arabian Perfumes (1st floor)
  • Taif Al Emarat Perfumes (1st floor)
  • Taif Al Emarat Perfumes (2nd floor)
  • Taif Al Emarat Perfumes (Ground Floor)
  • Taif Al Emarat Perfumes (1st floor)
  • The Body Shop (1st floor)
  • The Face Shop (2nd floor)
  • The Fragrance Kitchen (2nd floor)
  • The Loft Fifth Avenue Hair and Beauty Salon (1st floor)
  • The Merchant Of Venice (2nd floor)
  • The Spirit of Dubai (2nd floor)
  • Thomas Kosmala (2nd floor)
  • Tips and Toes (1st floor)
  • Tom Ford (Lobby)
  • Tresor Rare (1st floor)
  • Trevor Sorbie (2nd floor)
  • Victoria's Secret (Ground Floor)
  • Victoria's Secret Beauty & Accessories (1st floor)
  • Watsons (Ground Floor)
  • Wow Ladies Beauty Salon (Lower Ground Floor)
  • Xerjoff (1st floor)
  • YSL Beauty (2nd floor)
  • Yas The Royal Name Of Perfume (1st floor)
  • diptyque (1st floor)

Home Furnishing Stores in Dubai Mall:

  • Al Khazana (Ground Floor)
  • Anthropologie (Ground Floor)
  • Aura Living (Lower Ground Floor)
  • Baccarat (1st floor)
  • Bernardaud (1st floor)
  • Bloomingdale's Home (Lower Ground Floor)
  • Brand For Less (Lower Ground Floor)
  • Christofle (1st floor)
  • Crate & Barrel (1st floor)
  • Crystalline (Lower Ground Floor)
  • Debenhams (1st floor)
  • Duxiana (1st floor)
  • Dyson (2nd floor)
  • Eden Gallery (1st floor)
  • Emad Carpet (Ground Floor)
  • Frato (1st floor)
  • Galerie Hamadan (Ground Floor)
  • Galeries Lafayette (Ground Floor)
  • H&M Home (Ground Floor)
  • Heritage Carpet (Ground Floor)
  • Iwan Maktabi (1st floor)
  • Jashanmal Home Department Store (1st floor)
  • Lakeland (1st floor)
  • MUJI (Lower Ground Floor)
  • Marina Home (Lower Ground Floor)
  • Marks & Spencer (1st floor)
  • Merinos (1st floor)
  • Michal Negrin (2nd floor)
  • Mumuso (2nd floor)
  • Nadurra Japan (1st floor)
  • Persian Carpet House (Ground Floor)
  • Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids (Lower Ground Floor)
  • Pylones (2nd floor)
  • Roomours (1st floor)
  • Serta (1st floor)
  • Tahran Persian Carpet & Antiques (2nd floor)
  • The Mattress Store (1st floor)
  • Think Kitchen (Lower Ground Floor)
  • Urban Outfitters (1st floor)
  • Villari (1st floor)
  • Villeroy & Boch (1st floor)
  • Yves Delorme (1st floor)
  • Zara Home (Ground Floor)

Kids Fashion Stores in Dubai Mall:

  • 100% Capri (1st floor)
  • ALKON (2nd floor)
  • Abercrombie Kids (2nd floor)
  • Accessorize (Ground Floor)
  • Angels (2nd floor)
  • Annabelle (2nd floor)
  • Armani Junior (2nd floor)
  • Athlete's Co. (2nd floor)
  • B&G Store (2nd floor)
  • BAPE (Ground Floor)
  • Balenciaga (Ground Floor)
  • Balmain (Ground Floor)
  • Birkenstock (Ground Floor)
  • Bleu Comme Gris (2nd floor)
  • Bloomingdale's (Ground Floor)
  • Bonpoint (2nd floor)
  • Brand For Less (Lower Ground Floor)
  • Bumble Bee (2nd floor)
  • Burberry Children (2nd floor)
  • Calvin Klein (Ground Floor)
  • Carter's (2nd floor)
  • Centrepoint (1st floor)
  • Chicco (2nd floor)
  • Claire's (1st floor)
  • Claire's (2nd floor)
  • Clarks (2nd floor)
  • Columbia (Ground Floor)
  • Converse (2nd floor)
  • Cooltrap (2nd floor)
  • Courcelles (2nd floor)
  • Crocs (2nd floor)
  • Debenhams (1st floor)
  • Desigual (Ground Floor)
  • Diesel Kids (2nd floor)
  • Dior Baby (2nd floor)
  • Dolce & Gabbana Kids (2nd floor)
  • Fabi (1st floor)
  • Fendi Kids (2nd floor)
  • Foot Locker (2nd floor)
  • Foot Locker (2nd floor)
  • Gant (2nd floor)
  • Geox (2nd floor)
  • Global Feet (2nd floor)
  • Go Sport (2nd floor)
  • Golden Goose (Ground Floor)
  • Gucci Kids (2nd floor)
  • Guess (Ground Floor)
  • H&M (Ground Floor)
  • Hamac (Ground Floor)
  • IKKS Junior (2nd floor)
  • Jacadi (2nd floor)
  • Justice (2nd floor)
  • Kid's Puzzle (2nd floor)
  • La Martina (1st floor)
  • Lacoste (Ground Floor)
  • Lefties (1st floor)
  • Level Shoes (Ground Floor)
  • Little Angels (2nd floor)
  • Liverpool Football Club (Lower Ground Floor)
  • Majestic Kids (2nd floor)
  • Mamas & Papas (2nd floor)
  • Marks & Spencer (1st floor)
  • Matalan (2nd floor)
  • Max (2nd floor)
  • Mirtillo (2nd floor)
  • Mom Store (2nd floor)
  • Monsoon Children (2nd floor)
  • Moschino (Ground Floor)
  • Mothercare (2nd floor)
  • Mumuso (2nd floor)
  • Next (1st floor)
  • Nike (Ground Floor)
  • Nike Town (2nd floor)
  • Okaidi (2nd floor)
  • Original Marines (2nd floor)
  • Pablosky (2nd floor)
  • Party Zone (2nd floor)
  • Paul Smith (1st floor)
  • Petit Bateau (2nd floor)
  • Pit Stop (2nd floor)
  • Puma (Ground Floor)
  • RIVA (1st floor)
  • Ralph Lauren Kids (2nd floor)
  • Reebok (1st floor)
  • Regetta Canoe (2nd floor)
  • Reserved (1st floor)
  • Roberto Cavalli Jr (2nd floor)
  • Sacoor Brothers (Ground Floor)
  • Sacoor Kids (2nd floor)
  • Sergent Major (2nd floor)
  • Skecher Kids (2nd floor)
  • Skechers (Ground Floor)
  • TOMS (1st floor)
  • The Bag House (Lower Ground Floor)
  • The Children's Place (2nd floor)
  • Timberland (Ground Floor)
  • Tommy Hilfiger Kids (2nd floor)
  • Trendy Time (Ground Floor)
  • Vans (2nd floor)
  • Versace (2nd floor)
  • Vilebrequin (Ground Floor)
  • Zara (Ground Floor)
  • Zippy (2nd floor)
  • adidas Young Athletes (2nd floor)

Toy Stores in Dubai Mall:

  • ALKON (2nd floor)
  • Caterpillar (2nd floor)
  • Early Learning Centre (2nd floor)
  • Hamleys (2nd floor)
  • LEGO (2nd floor)
  • Mamas & Papas (2nd floor)
  • Mothercare (2nd floor)
  • Mumuso (2nd floor)
  • Party Zone (2nd floor)
  • Super Hero Fashions & Toys (2nd floor)
  • The Aquarium Store (2nd floor)
  • The Little Things (2nd floor)
  • Virgin Megastore (2nd floor)
  • Z-Games (2nd floor)

Dubai Mall Book Store

Kinokuniya is a massive book gallery spread on a whopping 38,000 square foot area inside Dubai Mall. Headquartered in Japan, Kinokuniya Dubai offers more than a half a million books and a thousand multi-lingual magazines to readers who step inside its beautiful architected cross cultural hub. You can buy books in different languages like English, Arabic, Japanese, French, German and Chinese.

It also hosts cultural book events, art exhibhitions, book launches, and many language workshops. Head to the most beautiful bookstore in Dubai and add joy to your book reading with the backdrop of the tallest building in the world.

  • Location- 2nd Floor
  • Parking- P7, Fashion Parking
  • Call- +971-4-434-0111

Explore Dubai Mall Inside Out with Our Dubai Mall Guide

Dubai Mall Hotels

Imagine your friend’s stress level when you tell them you’re staying “At the Dubai Mall”. Well, this is what Dubai Mall is all about, providing you with the most unimaginable things.

Hotels in and around Dubai Mall offers you a chance to explore Dubai Mall up and close. A bit pricey, these hotels offer you facilities worth every penny. Apart from easy access to Dubai Mall’s offerings, these hotels have stunning views, delectable food, luxurious amenities, seamless connectivity, and high levels of service.

Checkout the list here:

  • Address Downtown
  • Address Fountain Views
  • Address Sky View
  • Armani Hotel Dubai
  • Palace Downtown
  • Address Dubai Mall
  • Address Boulevard
  • Vida Downtown
  • Manzil Downtown
  • Rove Downtown

Interested in reading more about the best hotels to stay in Dubai at the Dubai Mall, click on this guide.

Dubai Mall Guide: Explore The Famous Shopping Destination of the World Inside Out

Directions & How To Reach Dubai Mall

There are a number of ways you can reach Dubai Mall:


One such way is to take the Dubai Metro, get down at Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall station (on the Red line) and take a short walk through the metro link bridge. Alternatively, you can also use the feeder bus service running through mall and station.
Note - Metro link bridge is 820m long and is aligned with Dubai Mall timings i.e. 10am to 1am.


For folks taking the bus route to Dubai Mall, choose either Route 27 from Deira Gold Souk bus station or route 29 from Ghubaiba bus station. Get down at tourist drop-off area and in front of grand drive entrance located on lower ground floor of Dubai Mall. Note - Buses arrives every 16 minutes at the bus station.


Taxi fares are relatively cheaper in Dubai. Base fee is AED 12 (incl. 3.80 km), additional travel costs 1.82 AED/km and waiting time is 30 AED/hr.

  • Pre-booked taxis: 6 AED (day) & 7 AED (night)
  • Uber and Careem cost more than a regular taxi. For shorter distance, Careem is cheaper than Uber and for longer distance, Uber.
  • Dubai Mall Coach buses are available at Atlantis Hotel, Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi, Le Meridien Mina Seyahi, Habtoor Grand Resort, Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort.

Dubai Mall Map

Download the Dubai Mall app to access the complete map of Dubai Mall. Open Play store on Android or App Store on iOS, search for Dubai Mall, click on it and download the app.

Dubai Mall Guide: Explore The Famous Shopping Destination of the World Inside Out

Service offered by Dubai Mall to Visitors

Dubai Mall service professionals are always available for tourists. There are 9 dedicated guest service desks operated by mall staff members who will assist you with the directions and queries regarding the mall. There are additional services available which are listed down below for a seamless experience.

Dubai Mall Guide: Explore The Famous Shopping Destination of the World Inside Out

Customer Service:

  • Electronic directory
  • Printed store directory
  • Mall map
  • Mall events information
  • Guest survey
  • Emaar gift cards
  • Emergency Response Team
  • 24-hour on-site security


  • Free WiFi
  • The Dubai Mall mobile app
  • Mobile recharge cards
  • Delivery Service
  • Print and copy centre
  • Emirates Post letterbox
  • Lost and Found
  • ATM machines
  • Prayer rooms for men and women
  • Al Ansari Exchange Dubai Mall

For Kids:

  • Baby strollers and wheelchairs
  • Children’s wrist bands
  • Baby changing rooms

Parking & Transport:

  • Valet parking
  • Careem & Uber transportation
  • The Dubai Mall Coach
  • Taxi service
  • The Dubai Trolley
  • Public transportation
  • RTA buses and Metro ticket machines
  • 4 charging stations for electric cars

Dubai Mall Guide: Explore The Famous Shopping Destination of the World Inside Out

If you still think this Dubai Mall Guide isn't enough for you, we recommend you visit Dubai Mall official website or download the Dubai Mall App.