Best Refrigerators UAE Shoppers Can Buy

Mabruqq's Editor BUDGET FRIENDLY SHOPPING Oct 29, 2020
Best Refrigerators UAE Shoppers Can Buy

Refrigerator is a utility that every kitchen needs. From storing your food to keeping it bacteria free, today's modern refrigerator can do a lot more. Apart from keeping the food fresh, the modern day refrigerator offers large capacity and cutting edge innovative technology like energy efficient, modern day aesthetics, sleek designs, and true intelligent technology.

These intelligent refrigerator self adjusts itself and can withstand the harshest conditions. Get home the new futuristic intelli refrigerators from our recommendations and save amazing on your pockets with exclusive offers.

Whirlpool 421 Liters Fridge WTMH1752

Whirlpool makes the best refrigerators without a doubt. It's 4-star energy rating saves electricity and smart sensors keeps track of the temperatures and switches to defrost mode when required. There's a Freshbox 0 zone for keeping foods like fish, meat, cheese and other dairy products.

Capacity- 421L

LG 360 Liters Fridge GR-C362RLBN

With over 5 decades of innovation and technology experience, LG is no amateur when it comes to large appliances. LG's refrigerator cooling is always talked about which delivers freshness all along and at every corner of the refrigerator. Also controls the fluctuations and cools 35% faster thanks to LGs Doorcooling+.

Live the good life with the LG double door refrigerator.

Capacity- 360L

Samsung 450 Liters Fridge RT45K5000WW.

You cannot leave behind Samsung when you're talking electronics. The tech giant has been serving reliable home and large appliances to people from over a decade. We have here is Samsung RT45K which is packed with twin cooling plus technology, digital inverter technology, odour spreading, anti-bacterial protector, and precise electronic control for freshness, sterilizing, bacteria free and retaining of flavors.

Capacity- 450L

Hitachi 410 Litre French Bottom Freezer Refrigerator RBG410PUK6GBK

Hitachi delivers exceptional power cooling with its high power inverter compressor that generates chilled air in large volume and distributes it in every corner of the refrigerator with power adjustments. It has different compartments for veggies, beverages and other foods and a high humidity of 90% that creates an organized storage environment. Get this 2-door beauty home today.

Capacity- 410L

SIEMENS Free Standing Fridge 407L KD46NVI20M

The freestanding timeless design and reliability coupled with hyperfresh Freshness system, humidity slider and multiflow air system. The shelves are frameless and are made of high quality robust glass and the stainless steel door are finished with anti-fingerprint coating which adds to the beauty of the appliance.

Capacity- 401L

Nikai Double Door Frost Free Refrigerator

Nikai double door refrigerator allows you to store more of your favorite food with more convenience storage and energy efficient compressor. Comes with a stainless steel door look, lock & key, and eco friendly gas, Nikai refrigerator is the smartest in-budget refrigerator for your homes.

Capacity- 500 L

Super General Top Mount Refrigerator

World class quality at the very best value can only be found with Super General refrigerators. This product offers a 400L capacity with glass shelves and low power consumption technology. Made with next-gen technology that keeps food fresh for number of days and lets you control the temperature with ease. Buy it today!

Capacity- 360L