Best Online Learning Apps in UAE

Mabruqq's Editor ARTS & CULTURE Jul 31, 2020
Best Online Learning Apps in UAE

This 2020 year whole world struggle from COVID-19 infection, currently 1.2 billion children in 186 countries are affected from this pandemic and schools are also close due to this pandemic. With this sudden shift from the classroom in many countries, some parents are searching for the best online learning app through which students continue their study sitting at home.

With online learning apps while students stay at home, there are different platforms which provide the best material through e-learning platforms and students also learn new skills. The worldwide adopt different platforms which provide from mastering to learn how to code there are a wide range available nowadays.

The E-learning education system is widely increased and adopted by the nation and is popular in all education sectors. Online education system is also more affordable, taking admission in a good college is a big deal for every parent. The online learning app allows the student to earn money while in study.

There are plenty of great educational apps available for kids & students in the UAE to download.

1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy continuously changes the education system and provides a secure and top spot on the list of the best free educational apps for students. This app runs on a clear mission to provide free and world class education material for all curious minds students across the globe. This online learning app offers practice exercise, exercise video and a learning dashboard for all learners to study their material outside the class. It covers math, science, computing, history, economics and also provides test preparation material content. Khan academy focuses on developing the skill of a student from strong foundations. Khan Academy works hard to ensure that what children and students want and provide best help to them. Teacher dashboard provides a summary of student performance with detailed student profiles.

Features Of Khan Academy

  • Practice Exercise
  • Monitor Student Performance
  • Learning in multiple language
  • Provide detail study material


2. Duolingo

Duolingo is a colourful and user friendly interface mobile app which provides learning a new language seriously. Learning a new language takes immense patience and practice. It is not an easy task to learn a new language. This app provides a very impressive learning technique so you can not lose your focus and interest. Duolingo makes learning a new language like fun. Here you can learn many languages like English, Spanish, Latin, Mandrin, French and many more. Learning a new language on this platform is fun and the easiest way. Here your first class starts from basic picture labeling games, as you complete your basic levels you have to cross more levels. On this platform there are many different kinds of engaging games available that will improve your vocabulary and grammar skills. If you do well you will also be rewarded with XPs.

Features Of Duolingo

  • Provides 30+ Languages
  • Provide Interactive stories
  • Forum discussion
  • Leaderborad discussion


3. edX

Edx is a free educational app and open source website that allows the users to get access to pre-recorded lectures from140 universities around the world. It’s free to use for limited lectures. If you want unlimited access and completion certificates then there is some amount to pay. This time on this app more than 20 million active users are available, users can get free courses on law, history, social science, computer science, business, engineering  and artificial intelligence. This is also helpful for high school going students who want to explore university and there are options for students that they can virtually sit in lectures.

Features of edX

  • Video tutorials
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Provide study material


4. Remind

Remind e-learning app provides an efficient way to connect with the school community. This provides the best way to group learning under a single roof and stay connected with friends. Apart from students these learning sites also join teachers and parents as well. When you join this school community with a unique school or class code, you will receive regular updates on your activities. This is also used to message a whole class, share documents, notce, submit assignments, and a student can clear his doubt with his friends either individually or collaboratively.

Features Of Remind

  • Share notes, documents and assignment
  • Join school or class community
  • Interaction between parents and teacher
  • Send a message to whole class


5. Linkedin Learning

On this e-learning platform, you can get 5,000 videos from experts around the world. This online learning platform mainly focuses on business, technology and creative skills. Some videos are available at this platform include employees from companies like Facebook, New York Stock Exchange and Harvard. You can easily access some of the videos in the trial month. After trial month you have to pay for the courses. You can also add the lesson that you completed to your Linkedin profile.

Features Of Linkedin Learning

  • Videos provides from companies employees
  • This platform mainly focus on business, technology and creative skill


6. Codecademy

This online platform is dedicated to coding lessons. The speciality of Codecademy is to provide a live practicing window while other platforms provide examples or practice sessions. You can do code practicing and also see the lesson material. The courses available at this website are organized and the website is also well organized and user friendly. Codecademy allows you to learn programming languages such as HTML and CSS, PhP, Python, JavaScript, C++, SQL and Ruby.

Features of Codecademy

  • Only provides coding lesson
  • It offer live practicing window
  • User friendly
  • Provide hundreds of exercises and quizzes


7. National Geographic Kids

National Geographic for kids provides educational videos and articles on different animals and species. Youngsters can go for virtual safari but National Geographic kids platforms provide options for exploring the natural world. This platform includes different tests series of fun and games, through this concept they tried to put newly gained knowledge to the test. Features Of National Geographic Kids

  • Free to use website
  • Specially design for kids
  • Tests series based on fun and games



This e-learning platform for Arabic speakers consists of more than 5,000 free educational videos. This website was launched by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid in 2017. It is user friendly and includes fun missions you can complete to earn points. This app is developed for a better future and to fill the gap in the Arab World.

Feature Of Madarsa

  • Provide 5000 educational videos
  • Best Platform for Arabic Speaker


9. Udemy

Udemy is one of the best learning apps for students who want to learn from an online learning site. It consists of more than 130,000 video tutorials for courses from technology, business and personal development lessons. If you are stuck in some lessons you can ask questions and clear your doubts with other students and instructors. It is also known as the largest online educational platform. It has more than 150,000 courses in 65 different languages. There are free as well as pay videos are available for different subjects including all topics related to business, marketing, IT, and software designing and other.

Feature Of Udemy

  • Interactive learning
  • Expert instructor
  • Discussion
  • Useful Videos


10. Kahoot

Kahoot is the learning platform for those students who prefer learning through quizzes. It provides interactive quizzes and speeds up the learning process tremendously. This app is suitable for those who want to prefer learning through quizzes. Here you can get ready-made topics, you have to choose one topic and join live quizzes and challenge your friends to compete with you. You can also use Kahoot for offline quiz competitions.

Feature Of Kahoot

  • Quiz setup is very simple
  • User-friendly interface
  • Join live quizzes section
  • Play offline quizzes