Follow Content Of The Best Influencers in Dubai: Beauty, Fashion & Culture

Mabruqq's Editor FASHION Jul 28, 2020
Follow Content Of The Best Influencers in Dubai: Beauty, Fashion & Culture

If you love new trends in fashion, and enjoy learning other cultures and want the latest in fashion and beauty, then you are probably at the right place. If you haven't heard of the emerging influencers in the UAE, especially in Dubai, then you would love knowing that the influencers are really becoming popular in Dubai these days. Dubai almost has every global brand, latest technology, beauty, fashion, trends, and much more which are available locally. The reason Dubai is such an elegant place to land today is due to the promotion and expansion of tourism and permanent stay and business development for a large number of ex-pats from around the world. A place with such diversity surely attracts brands and brands need influencers to promote and reach the preferred audience.

If I talk about the year 2020, you can easily find a blogger who is promoting some specific product or category. I mean if you are searching for some specific product in Dubai and want some real detail, you would definitely get someone who is exploring that product for you and people like you. Influencer and bloggers were the huge gap which has started filling after the pace in online selling and new online Giants in UAE (Dubai) like Namshi, Sprii, Mothercare, Noon, Amazon. ae, Faces, and many more.

Hijabi bloggers are setting a new standard in the fashion industry and want to present you with the best hijab trends for women. One of these bloggers from Dubai is Fierce Diaries, and believe me, it is one of the most influential bloggers in Dubai's beauty scenario. Her blog "FierceDiaries" has been published in the New York Times, Huffington Post, Glamour, and many other publications and is recognized as one of the most influential in the whole United Arab Emirates. Celebrities becoming social influencers could be a bit easy, but starting from scratch and achieving a platform like the New York Times is a real hard work deal.

Huda Kattan - Popularly known as Huda Beauty by most of the people. Actually, Huda Beauty is a cosmetic line launched in the year 2013 by Huda Kattan. She has been listed as one of the richest self-made women and also holds a position in the top three beauty influencers by Forbes. Her Instagram page is insanely famous and glamorous with 46.1 million followers with just only 601 posts till today. She can be considered as a queen of beauty, makeup, and cosmetics with her beast quality products available in most parts of the world.

Aiisha Ramadan - She is a Lebanese fashion designer based in the United Arab Emirates, who has launched her own clothing brand AIISHA in the year 2006. She has won many awards and has been recognized by prestigious organizations in the Middle East. Her Instagram page is just amazing and says a lot about her dedication towards fashion and design, with 93.4K followers with 1,650 posts.

Tamara - Tamara is one of the most influential bloggers on Dubai's beauty scene and one who keeps abreast of the latest beauty and fashion trends on her blog. This blog is the one you should follow if you want to see the best beauty trends for women in the United Arab Emirates.

Latifa Al Samsi - Latifa Al Samsi is the Dubai based influencer, who launched her fashion blog in the year 2010. She mostly showcases Abayas, food fashion, traditional clothing, jewelry, perfumes, clutches, and also travel with her family. Her Instagram profile has 367 K followers, with 6,736 posts till date. She is a very frequent content creator and allows here followers to get information about many new and amazing things in the market and new places to spend quality time with loved ones. She is a consistent and mind-blowing fashion, food, and travel blogger since 2010. Her point of differentiation from other bloggers is that she experiments a lot with style, which other people usually don’t do, or fear off. She was one step forward from others in experimenting with color abayas even before it took trend in the fashion world. What she does it that she brings a few different things and make a new trending fashion. It needs a lot of courage and imagination to do such stuff.

Sheida Fashionista - Started her blog in the year 2014, is a fashion beauty and lifestyle blogger. She got really popular with her elegant style of presenting new fashion and trends in her Instagram profile. She is an artist of colors and knows very well how to combine colors with fashion and clothing. In only about six years she is able to get the following and trust of 632K people with 2,946 posts to date. It is one of the perfect blogs to follow for lifestyle in the year 2020.

Laura Badura - She is a blogger and a model-based in Dubai. If you are someone who needs some real beauty and fashion tips, you can start following her right away. A classy Instagram account covering beauty, lifestyle, travel, events, and fashion, all in one place. With 815K followers and around 5K posts, it is a must-follow for fashion geeks, especially for girls and women.