15 Dubai Restaurant Popular among People - Key Features

Mabruqq's Editor FOOD Feb 18, 2022
15 Dubai Restaurant Popular among People - Key Features

We have been working in the middle east trends industry for 5 years now. From witnessing oldest Dubai restaurants to fancy new fine dining places opening up that caters to the luxurious lifestyle of Dubai, we have boiled this data down to 15 best Dubai restaurants that are rated highly by patrons in terms of service, quality and variety, restuarants that offer mix of luxury and lip-smacking cuisine with panoramic views, affordability, and the heart of the Emiratí world.

The list includes everything from the flattering Emiratí world to the working class restaurants where most of Dubai in reality eats.


La Petite Maison, hands down, is a top-dining choice among the people of Dubai. Called the home of French Mediterranean Cuisine, LPM is an award-winning restaurant that offers you lip-smacking food inside an art gallery.

The entire establishment is made up of swanky decor, accent lightings, elegant artworks, modern sculptures and sophisticated theme that cheers up the diners. The atmosphere is relaxing, the food is excellent, and the vibe is always upbeat at this French noshery.

You need a place for every occasion? The answer is LPM.

  • Recommendations - Pink Lamb Chops, Gratin Dauphinois, Prawns in Olive Oil, Roasted Chicken with Lemon, Burrata Cheese
  • Address - Gate Village No, 8 - DIFC - Dubai
  • Contact - 04 439 0505
  • Hours - 12am - 11:30pm
  • Cost - AED 350 for two people (approx)
  • Delivery - Deliveroo

Dream City Cafe

More than a cafeteria, Dream City serves a huge chunk of Dubai’s population across different locations with their outlet in Jebel Ali Village, Sheikh Zayed Road, which is the heart of Dubai. Offering Dubai’s best street-food, Dream City Cafeteria’s spread includes juicy American style hamburgers and desi-paranthas to local shawarma and fresh sandwiches, wraps, special platters along with a dessert menu for a sweet ending.

Although they have a variety of dishes and meals to choose from, make sure you order Fresh Juice to tackling Dubai’s scorching heat.

  • Recommendations - Zinger Poratta, Falafel Wrap, Sheesh Tawook, Seafood Club Sandwich
  • Address - Opposite Ibn Batuta Metro Station, Near Bus Stop - Dubai
  • Contact -  04 882 1883
  • Cost - AED 50 for two (approx)
  • Hours - 6am-3am
  • Delivery - Available at Talabat


Boca, a Modern European restaurant, resides in the heart of Dubai’s financial district. With a menu that highlights the exotic cuisines of Mediterranean coastal regions to satisfying the taste-buds of Dubai folks, Boca’s principles is all about preparing delicious food from freshly sourced ingredients. Do checkout their Autumn Menu.

Boca’s values stays firm with a strong commitment to sustainability and local sourcing. You’re not just eating at Boca, you’re leaving without carbon footprint and also unknowingly supporting local farmers and fishermen.

This award-winning restaurant/bar has a beautiful ambience with outdoor terrace seating made in ultra-modern style. With a lively bar to take away all your work stress, Bohca is a cool place to hangout. Reserve a seat before it gets busy!

Boca’s promotion regularly runs on happy hours(3:30-7:30 everyday), Business Lunch, Ladies Tuesday, Long-Lunch Friday & Paella Sundays. We saved you some bucks, you’re welcome!

  • Recommendations - grilled sardines on sourdough crostini , Socca de Nice , Rabbit terrine, Rilled hanger steak
  • Address - Gate Village 6, DIFC Near - towards DIFC Parking - Dubai
  • Contact - 04 323 1833
  • Cost - AED 430 for two (approx)
  • Hours - 12pm–3am
  • Delivery - Deliveroo AE

Gunaydin dubai

Ever fancied a dinner right front of the tallest building in the world? Then, a visit to Gunaydin is a must. Set in a graceful Souk Al Bahar expansion, this Turkish restaurant is one of the most sought-out places to dine in Dubai.

Be it a sunny day or a moonshine night, the dining experience at Gunaydin will always be unforgettable. Pay for some mouth-watering Turkish delicacies and the most astonishing views of Dubai. Spare couple of hours because this is one of the recommended things to-do in Dubai.

Choose from a menu that offers variety in dishes like kebabs, mezzes, Doner Platter, Chateau Fillet, lambs, grilled menu, seafood, chicken, burgers, sides, desserts, and vegan too.

  • Recommendations - Fattoush, Hummus, Urfa Kebap, Turkish Tea
  • Address - Souk Al Bahar - Downtown Dubai - Dubai
  • Contact - 04 554 0700
  • Cost - AED 610 for two (approx)
  • Hours - 12pm-1am
  • Delivery - Talabat, Deliveroo

The Mattar Farm Kitchen

By now you’ve heard of Hattem Mattar, Middle East’s premier pitmaster that smokes the best meat in Dubai. From smoking diners favorite recipes like smoked briskets, beef ribs, & turkeys to lamb, chicken, duck & sausages in flavors of lamb and za’atar, The Mattar Farm is excels in barbecue dishes.

The ingredients for dishes on the menu are sourced locally which keeps the originality of the dish intact. Artisan Smoked Meats from The Mattar Farm kitchen are available a The Local Fire Stand, BB Social Dining, and pop-up shops.

  • Recommendations - smoked brisket, Pastrami, Beef brisket
  • Address - Mina Jebel Ali - Jebel Ali Industrial - Dubai
  • Contact - 052 628 8277
  • Cost - AED 60 for one order (approx)
  • Hours - 11am–9pm
  • Delivery - Via Whatsapp or Instagram

La Serre

Two in a combination of one is what best describes La Serre. This beautiful, eye-pleasing eatery offers an unrealistic Parisian style cafe and a sophisticatedly stylish French restaurant.

La Serre Bistro & Boulangerie is the ultimate dining place right from breakfast all the way up to dinner. Famous among downtown community and a meeting hub, it is one of the restaurants where you can really catch a Dubai vibe. Opened from 7 am until late night.

La Serre Restaurant, on the other hand, is a culinary delight. It showcases the real French dining experience right from its interiors to its exotic French cuisine. Operating hours for Sun – Thur: 12pm – 3am and for Fri – Sat: 9am – 3am.

  • Recommendations - Feta Cheese Salad, Baguette, Egg Benedict, Smoked Salmon, Chocolate Mousse
  • Address - Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd - Downtown Dubai - Dubai
  • Contact - 04 528 3779
  • Cost - AED 425 for two (approx)
  • Hours - 7am–2am
  • Delivery - Deliveroo AE or call the restaurant

Wild & The Moon

First of its kind in Dubai, Wild & The Moon is a 100% plant-based restaurant and concept offering a healthy alternative to people. With a luscious selection of vegan food like cheese, salads, bowls, soups, snacks, smoothies, juices, and desserts, Wild & The Moon is what experts say a lifestyle movement started by food lovers and nutritionist alike.

Located in 4 locations, Wild & The Moon also offers its products at your doorstep. Just order away and change the way you think about Vegan food.

  • Recommendations - Better Than Botox with aloe vera, Moon River, Nori Quino, Rawliflower , Earth Bowl salad, Cold Press Juices, chocolate truffles
  • Address 1 - Alserkal Avenue, street 8, H-77 - Dubai
  • 2- Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Blvd, Palace Hotel Cafe n5, Downtown Dubai
  • 3- Gate Avenue, U-149, Level POB, Dubai
  • 4- Qasr Al Hosn, Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum ST. Abu Dhabi
  • Contact - 04 343 3392
  • Cost - AED 165 for two people (approx.)
  • Hours- Mon–Sun: 8:00 AM–7:00 PM
  • Delivery - Chatfood, Deliveroo, Restaurant


New Yorkers favorite restaurant now has an address in Dubai. Indochine is a mix of all things classic, be it the timeless ambience, the tropical decor, the energy, or the exotic French & Vietnamese cuisines.

Now if somethings is classic, it also has to live up to its name. Indochine strictly follows a dress code and only allows smart casuals in its property, no shorts, sweatpants, flip-flops, etc are allowed. Don’t say we didn’t tell you!

It has also been felicitated with MENA’s 50 Best Restaurant awards. Indochine is everything from a celebrity hotspot to a quite dinner place to stage-crushing party venue. Whichever is that you’re looking for, you’ll get it at Indochine. The hype is real!

  • Recommendations - Vietnamese ravioli, Amok Cambodgien, Lamb Char Siu, Hamachi Carpaccio, Spicy Squid Salad, Minced Beef stuffed in Betel Leaves, Crispy Scale Amadai
  • Address - DIFC Gate Precinct Building 3, Level 2 - Dubai
  • Contact - 04 208 9333
  • Cost - AED 430 for two people
  • Hours - SUN-WED: 12:00PM–1:00AM; SAT: 7:00PM–1:00AM; THU & FRI: 7:00PM–03:00AM
  • Delivery - Call the restaurant

Al Baik

If you’re living in Middle East, we bet you must have tried it by now, such is the reputation of Al Baik, a restaurant that leaves customer asking for more. Saudi Arabia’s 45 year old favourite fast food restaurant now delivers its superior-quality assortments across 30 different locations in Dubai.

Al-Baik is synonymous name to regions best chicken, seafood, sandwiches, shawarmas, and much more. Al Baik’s extensive menu and meal prices fits every food budget and suits every taste-bud.

Try once, we bet, you won’t regret!

  • Recommendations - Brosted Chicken, Chicken Nuggets meal, Sandwich, Double Baik Burger, Al Baik Chicken Meal, Al Baik Shawarma, Chicken Fillet Sandwich
  • Address - Dubai Mall - Downtown Dubai - Dubai
  • Contact - +971 4 380 5002
  • Cost - AED 55 for two people (approx)
  • Hours - 9am – 12 midnight
  • Delivery - Available on Talabat


Nusr-et steakhouse is better known as Salt Bae’s restaurant. The charismatic celebrity chef Salt Bae a.k.a Nusret Gökçe, a meat specialist from Turkey has been delighting people with his famous salt-sprinkling trick down his forearm onto the steaks. The antics might be great but the food even better.

Nusr-et is a celebrity spot and is regarded as the best steakhouse in Dubai. You’ll taste an exquisite menu ranging from porterhouse steak to a fillet-mignon, juicy burgers to sweet baklava, organic salmon with a horseradish dauphinoise to impressive seafood, you’re never short of option.

A Spectacular Meat Feast awaits you at Nusr-et. Don’t forget to get the unforgettable Nusr-et experience.

  • Recommendations - Beef Sushi, Chickpea Salad, Baklava, Asado Ribs, Nusret "spaghetti" and Nusret Golden Steak
  • Address - Restaurant Village Four Seasons Resort - Jumeirah - Jumeirah 2 - Dubai
  • Contact - 04 407 4100
  • Cost - AED 900 for two people (approx)
  • Hours - 12pm-12am
  • Delivery - Available at Deliveroo.ae

Doors Freestyle Grill

Set at the picturesque waterfront of Dubai Creek, this freestyle grill concept lets you get involved in the grilling process. The immersive dining experience offers traditional dishes fused with wonderful aromas, taste and flavors. Delight yourself with premium-cut meats, succulent seafood, freshly prepared salads, and mouth-watering dessert in an elegant, royal setting.

Imagine getting a theatrical experience at a steakhouse. Sounds fun, right?

  • Recommendations - Beef Butterfall Steak, Lamb Neck, Lamb Chops, Eden Garden Dessert, Eggplant Salad, Giant King Prawns, Chicken Tenderloin
  • Address - 8/5 - 314 Al Seef St - Bur Dubai - Umm Hurair 1 - Dubai
  • Contact - 04 204 9299
  • Cost - AED 625 for two people (approx)
  • Hours - 12am-12pm
  • Delivery - Call the restaurant

Miss Tess Dubai

From an Asian street-food restaurant to a full blown Asian Gastronomic experience, Miss Tess Dubai is one fine place for good Asian delicacies along with some live music and events. This quirky and beautifully lit-up place catches your attention with a Chinese dragon dancing around, ninjas doing acrobatics, and the curiosity to find the real Miss Tess. Be ready for a fun-filled night.

Catch up on Miss Tess's exclusive events like All Day Sushi (8pm-11pm for just 98AED) every Sunday, Ladies Night ( 8pm-11pm for AED 148 Unlimited Drinks + Platter) every Monday, Kushiyaki - All You Can Eat Menu (available for just 98AED) every Tuesday, Wok Your Way Noodle Feast ( for AED 78) every Wednesday, and Asian Invasion Evening Brunch (8pm-11pm for 288 AED) every Thursday. Book in advance!

  • Recommendations - Pad Thai, Prawn Tempura with tentsuyu sauce, Super Mario Maki Rolls, Sushi, Yakisoba Noodles with Prawn and Chicken
  • Address - Taj Dubai Burj Khalifa Street - Business Bay - Dubai
  • Contact - 050 498 8505
  • Cost - AED 300 for two (approx)
  • Hours - 6pm-2am
  • Delivery - Talabat, Deliveroo


Featured in the best romantic restaurants in Dubai, Euazone is a uniquely set up place that keeps getting beautiful as the day passes by. With a array of divine European and Asian food, dinner night at Eauzone is one that immerses you in the rhythm of ocean tidea and captivates you with a beautiful setting sun.

This chic Asian eatery has some of the best Asian and European culinary dishes that would take you by surprise along with the complementary services that are provided if you stay for a day or two at this resort.

  • Recommendations - Butter Lettuce with Spicy Salmon, Wok Fried Beef Tenderloin, Dim Sum- Platter, Nasi Goreng, Fusilli Marinara, Lapis Surabaya (dessert)
  • Address - One&Only Royal Mirage, Al Sufouh Rd,Jumeirah Rd, Arabia Courts, Opp Media City - Dubai
  • Contact - 04 315 2412
  • Cost - AED 560 for two (approx)
  • Hours - 10am–11pm
  • Delivery - Not available

Al Nafoora

The Lebanese fine dining tops the list on this recommendation. Serving top-notch mezze, Al Nafoora is the ideal place to start your Arabic food journey. This high end Lebanese heritage has a choice of set menus - Beirut, Tripoli, Byblos and Sidon – or à la carte whichever suits your taste buds.

With couple of locations - one in Palm Jumeirah and other in DIFC, Al Nafoorah’s attracts business folks, families and couples. For top quality Lebanese fare, choose Al Nafoora.

  • Recommendation - Classic Hummus, Kebab Halabi, Lamb Chops
  • Address - Ground level, right wing, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, Crescent Road,The Palm Jumeirah - Dubai
  • Contact - 04 453 0444
  • Cost - AED 380 for two (approx)
  • Hours - 1pm-4pm; 7pm-10:30pm

Carnival by Tresind

  • Recommendations - Lamb Bao with Pickled cucumber, Beef Cheek Massaman curry, sweet onion & truffle pizza, avocado tacos, edamame cutlets, oyster mushroom karaage, Gajak
  • Address - The Buildings by Daman - 312 Al Sa'ada Street - Za'abeel - DIFC - Dubai
  • Contact - 052 242 4262
  • Cost - AED 515 for two (approx)
  • Hours - 12am–11pm
  • Delivery - Talabat