Dubai's Best Beach Clubs: Relaxation, Views, and Luxury!

Mabruqq's Editor TRAVEL Mar 26, 2023
Dubai's Best Beach Clubs: Relaxation, Views, and Luxury!

Dubai is well known for its stunning beaches. So, no one should be surprised to find that the Dubai beach clubs are expanding as well. From people who prefer amazing music and delectable food to all-night parties, or simply lounging by the pool. This beach club list will delight everyone who has ever been to a beach.

Dubai's beach clubs really do have it all, including the sun, water, delectable food, upbeat music, and a lively environment at night.

During weekends, the Beach Clubs hosts amazing brunch-turned-beach parties, but weekdays can be much more sedate. When planning for weekdays, watch out for mid-week promotions, such as Ladies' Days or pool & beach packages.

What are beach clubs?

A beach club is more than just a cafe or a beach bar with hammocks for daytime relaxation. Moreover, beach clubs set themselves apart by giving customers the chance to enjoy a day at the beach while mixing luxury, comfort, design, music, fine cuisine, delectable cocktails, and first-rate service.

These are the ideal location to unwind and forget about your everyday concerns; you can spend the entire day lounging in one of their cozy hammocks or even in a larger Balinese bed, which is ideal if you go with an exclusive company or group of friends.

The main reason to visit a beach club is to have fun. In addition to being places to unwind, beach clubs are also places to observe and enjoy the beauty around them. You can sense the positive energy there immediately; you will also have all you need right at your fingertips.

Beach clubs are often found on the busiest beaches in each location, yet during its brief existence, one of the Earliest BEACH CLUBS is said to have opened in 1998.

1. Zero Gravity

Simply put, Dubai's most well-known beach clubs include Zero Gravity, and it's not hard to understand why. It has one of the nicest pools situated on a private beach with an indoor bar and terrace and an extensive foreign menu. There is something for everyone at this beach club.

It might get busy, so make sure you reach there early. Tuesdays are Ladies' Day, and Fridays and Saturdays, brunch is served for all at fixed conditions.

2. Nasimi Beach

Nasimi beach is a paid beach. It is a part of the Atlantis Hotel Complex and is located on Palm Island. Young folks and affluent individuals enjoy Nasimi Beach. On Fridays and Saturdays, beach parties go into the early hours.

The swimming area and the beach's imported white, fine sand are limited. Already restriction buoys are 10 meters away from the shore.

Together with what it should have, the beach also has closed tents, poufs, and hammocks. Additional amenities include a volleyball court, spa center, swimming pool for families with kids, restaurants, cafés, and even its own stylish store. Before visiting, reserve beach tents in advance because access to the beach costs $40. On the weekend, the club is closed.

The monorail road, which goes to the Palm Islands, can be used to reach Nasimi Beach. The train runs from 10:00 to 22:00, and the journey takes 25 minutes. Take the metro to any stop that leads to the Dubai Marina neighborhood, and then take the tram to Palma Jumeirah before arriving at the monorail. One ticket covers the metro, tram, and monorail; the monorail ticket is purchased separately.

3. Nurai Beach

Abu Dhabi's Nurai beach situated in the Arabian Gulf is a 60-minute drive from Downtown Dubai and a 12-minute boat ride from Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi.

From Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi, you can take a boat ride. You will arrive at Zaya Nurai Island via boat. You can alternatively disembark at the international airport in Abu Dhabi and reserve a taxi to the island. You will be at your destination in a few hours.

Nurai beach is a created getaway that is remote from the city. It is reachable by ferries, and boats and a short distance from Abu Dhabi's shoreline.

4. Cove Beach

Cove Beach is a gorgeous oceanfront beach club with a restaurant, a unique Rosé Bar, and three pools against the serene Arabian Sea backdrop. Cove Beach is a particular area in the center of the city we are located in, designed in a modern and lovely décor with a Mediterranean vibe and personalized service that brings us back to a motif that reflects our identity. Jet-setters, influencers, celebrities, athletes, and locals all enjoy frequent visits to the beach, pool, and restaurant to enjoy our fantastic food or ambiance. The Rosé lounge is the main attraction in the space and is suitably situated to infuse the beach club with lively events.

You'll be glued to the place with bouncy background music and popping champagne bottles. The restaurant at Cove Beach provides exceptional service in every aspect.


What is the best time to visit beach clubs in Dubai?

The best time of year to visit is during the summer when you can take in the unique lining of the entertainment venues and sunbathe next to the ocean waves.

What are the entry fees for the beach clubs in Dubai?

During weekdays, Beach clubs in Dubai charge AED 200 per person (of which AED 100 is redeemable for food and beverage). On weekends, it is AED 300 per person (AED 150 redeemable on F&B). Visitors under age 21 are to be accompanied by an adult.

Is it possible to rent private cabanas at the beach clubs in Dubai?

Yes, you can rent a medium cabana accommodating up to 10 people at AED 1,095. A spacious cabana at Aquaventure Dubai costs between AED 1,495 and accommodates up to 15 people. The Extra Large Cabana, which costs AED 1,695, is the largest one and can accommodate up to 20 guests.

Are there any restrictions on alcohol consumption at the beach clubs in Dubai?

In restaurants, hotels, and bars connected to hotels with licenses, tourists are allowed to consume alcohol. Even on beaches, drinking in public is prohibited and illegal. Dubai is quite strict on rules like intoxication in public and has no tolerance for driving after drinking.

What are the most popular water sports activities available at the beach clubs in Dubai?

Scuba diving, snorkeling, wakeboarding, parasailing, jetpacks, stand-up paddling, kayaking, banana rides, sub-reachers, donut rides, and kite surfing are available activities. Several water activities are available in Dubai for thrill-seekers and adventurers to improve their time in the Gulf.


Every Beach Club tries to set itself apart from the competition. Some focus on food and employ Michelin-starred chefs, some choose to recruit the best musicians, and others concentrate on wellness and provide spa services. The brand will be positioned to the tastes of tourists coming from across the world with a concept that has depth and essence.

The ideal way to spend a day at the beach and accomplish a number of objectives is in an elite beach club. Here, you may have a wonderful time, learn about regional cuisine, have new experiences, listen to music, and unwind to the sound of the ocean while sipping your favorite beverage.

So, plan your vacation now and book a Dubai beach club today and score some big offers here.