Amazon Prime Day Sale UAE 2022

Mabruqq's Editor COUPON NEWS Jul 21, 2022
Amazon Prime Day Sale UAE 2022

Its T-2 days until the Prime Day Sale arrives on Amazon shopping platform. The awaited sale fest brings a lot of jaw-dropping discount offers and exclusive deals on all shopping categories with a 48-hour window. Exclusive to Prime members , the flagship two-day shopping event benefit shoppers with lowest prices on electronics, smartphones, fashion, home decor and many other categories.

While it’s a good idea to shop discounted items at Prime Day Sale but not necessary to buy things you don’t need. Let’s dive deep into this 2-day shopping fest and explore what’s in store for you. Our shopping tips will help you score more discounts on purchases.

Prime Day Sale is available to shoppers across GCC regions. You can explore deals exclusively on our UAE & KSA stores.

Note- This Sale is for Prime members only! If you don’t own one, we recommend you to buy it before sale starts.

Amazon AE Prime Day Sale 2022 Amazon SA Prime Day Sale

Start Wish-listing Early on Amazon Prime Day

First come first serve is known quite well in the sale and discount world. Since there is limited stock availability for discounted products, shoppers who purchase the items early benefit from the sale. Whatever is it that you’re eyeing during Sale, make sure to add those items to your wish-list as early as possible. This saves times and you don’t have to search or worry about the item getting stocked out.

Set the Tone with Budget

You main focus before making a purchase should be your budget. Plan how much you’re going to spend and on what items. While merchants encourage shoppers to spend more during Sale Seasons, our goal as a shopper should be to stick with the budget and plan accordingly. List down the items to buy, allocate a budget to each item and then start looking for discounted deals. Don’t wait for the sale day to arrive.

Price Drops

Now that you have wish-listed the items to buy and allocated the budget. Next step is to sit back and track the drop in pricing. Sometimes when an item is wishlist by many shoppers, the seller further reduces the price of the item. The extra discount might not be guaranteed but it is a good practice for shoppers to keep an eye.

Beware of impulsive Shopping

Impulsive buying or impulsive shopping refers to purchasing of items or products that a shopper did not plan on buying. It usually happens with mood triggers. Most shoppers do it in all excitement whenever they see a range of items on sale. Refrain from buying items that you did not plan to buy, stick to your needs, respect your budget and don’t fall for sale traps.

Save Card Details for Instant Payment

Saving delivery address and cards in your Amazon shopping account is advisable since it avoids any delay in payment and smoothens your buying process. Since thousand other shoppers like you have wish-listed the same items and want the same deal, any negligence can cost you your desired deal.

Save 20% With Mastercard - Prime Day Exclusive

Shoppers with Amazon Prime membership can now use their Mastercard to save flat 20% OFF on any product of their choice. Just add your card details at the payment page and the discount will automatically be applied on your total order value.

Save Extra 10% with ADCB Card

Good news for ADCB Card Holders. Amazon offers an extra 10% on shopping for shoppers with ADCB Bank Credit or Debit Card. Use your card at checkout.

Benefit of Free Prime Day Delivery

Shop on prime day and get same day delivery and one-day delivery for domestic items. Free delivery is eligible on all items including items shipped internationally.

  • For Same-Day delivery, follow these terms:
    Free Same Day Delivery:
    Orders placed before 12pm.
    Valid for items with Prime Badge arriving today.

  • One-Day Delivery:
    Items with Prime Badge.
    Free domestic delivery.
    No minimum order value required.

  • For Global Shipping From US & UK:
    Minimum order value of AED 100
    Select prime international shipping box.

Read Amazon Return Policies

Since items on sale are at lowest possible prices, it is advisable for all shoppers to read the return & refund policy and product warranty before making a purchase. Many items are non-returnable and non-refundable on Prime day while other have a limited return time. Read the terms and conditions carefully.