5 Smart Kitchen Tools For Smart Cooking

Mabruqq's Editor FOOD Apr 06, 2020
5 Smart Kitchen Tools For Smart Cooking

With smart kitchen tools you can enjoy a healthy and delicious home-cooked food and avoid frozen dinner or fast food meals . Keep the right tools and make delicious food, cooked faster. Maybe some tools will help you save time for food preparation and while others help to keep your kitchen clean. Some kitchen tools are essentials for cooking, baking, storing, prepping and cleaning. If you want to set up your kitchen for efficiency and ease, then look out at these smart tools and invest in them to make your life simpler.

1. Smart Sensor Trash Cans

Smart sensor trash cans are now available at a cost effective price range and it helps to keep the environment clean. Smart sensor trash cans offer eco-friendly. You can use these smart sensor trash cans either by road side or at home, you can improve your life by making it healthy and risk free. These technologies greatly improved the sanitation and hygiene of our homes and offices. These smart sensor trash cans are made of stainless steel and these cans easily detect garbage of human presence within 10 inches of its range and opens the lid automatically. You can buy these smart sensor trash cans from Amazon.ae online store at a cost effective price range.


2. Automatic Kitchen Electric Pepper Grinder

These automatic kitchen electric pepper grinder are made up with stainless steel and acrylic material. It comes with extremely durable for use and no risk of glass breakages. It’s rotor made with ceramic which provides long term durability and can grind against the toughest sea salt and other spices. Battery operated pepper grinder now upgraded with electric and advanced gravity sensing design. You can buy this electric pepper grinder at Noon and Amazon UAE online store.


3. Garlic Peeler

Peeling garlic from hands takes a long time. But with the smart garlic peeler machine, peeling is a fun activity. The garlic peeling machine works on very simple mechanics, whole garlic is put into the stainless steel barrel, where the vertical shaft and rubber pad rotates. The garlic comes in contact with the rubber pad and other garlic, and the skin is blown off and dropped.


4. Plastic Sealer

Plastic sealers are portable and handy and they play major life savers. It seals all plastic food items and ensures the freshness of the food is secured. It seals plastic food as if you never opened it in the first place. Buy plastic sealers from Amazon UAE online store and price range start from 29AED.


5. Pizza Scissors

Pizza Scissors is used for perfectly cut pizza slices. Means, everybody gets the same amount of pizza slices. By the help of Pizza Scissors you can keep your bread knife for its intended use. Just easily cut pizza through pizza scissors and nothing sticks to the knife and parted in equity.


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