Women's Denim Trends: What's Changing in 2020

Mabruqq's Editor FASHION Sep 20, 2020
Women's Denim Trends: What's Changing in 2020

Changes are natural and a part of our life, much like Fashion which is seasonal and changes every year. The year 2020 has stunned all of us in the most bizarre ways, from being trapped inside our homes to the stressful work from home format, everything has seemed so still this year. But one thing that kept us moving was our fashion experiments on zoom calls and the famous DIY tips that have helped us style almost everything we have in your closet.

Also, our types of denim have played a major role when it comes to being functional and chic. Denim has never left us, and this is the reason we're writing this piece of a guide which will give you a quick look at the 2020 denim trends for women.

Enjoy the last quarter of the year and shop your heart out because the holiday season is about to kick off.

Wide leg jeans

Replace your skin-tight Calvins for a more relaxed wide and palazzo denim. More fabric brings more sharpness to this look. Be it full length touching the floor or cropped to your ankle, anything will look appealing as long as you pair it with cropped sweaters and feminine blouses.

Women's Denim Trends: What's Changing in 2020

High Rise/Waisted denim

The 70s style is back in trend with High rise denim. This fashion armor when wore in lighter washed shades emphasizes the length of a wearer's legs. One can throw up all sorts of topwear with high waisted denim.

Women's Denim Trends: What's Changing in 2020

Double Denim

There are 3 rules to nail a double denim look:

  • Don't wear the same shade
    Do not commit the mistake of wearing the same shade. Double denim works only on contrasting shade which is actually the lighter shades of black and blue.
  • Aim for a Middle Fit
    Never go too fit or too loose when thinking of doubling up. Go for straight dad jeans with relaxed fit denim on top to get the best appearance.
  • Lighten Up and you're good to go
    It's important to get the blue shades out of your mind and experiment with lighter and brighter colors. White denim will suit all skin tones and more likely colors like cream, charcoal gray will seal the outfit look.

Denim on denim, often regarded as a fashion faux pas, has been in trend from the past couple of years.

Women's Denim Trends: What's Changing in 2020

Patch Denim

Get brownie points for styling this innovative denim look. Patch denim is made an extra fabric attached to another fabric either to hide the hole or to jazz up the denim look. The patches should be basic or in contrast to the overall denim color to make it more appealing.
A must-have fashion piece this 2020.

Women's Denim Trends: What's Changing in 2020

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Ripped Slim Fit

Ripped denim has been doing round from quite a few years now. Approved by the fashion universe, ripped and distress denim are effortlessly chic and have endless style possibilities. Whether it is skinny jeans or flared one or boyfriend jeans, a good amount of rip on each one is enough for a party or everyday wear.

Women's Denim Trends: What's Changing in 2020

Bootcut Denim

The denim cut style itself is quite flattering going from slim through the hip and thigh and widens a bit from the knees down to the ankle. Bootcut jeans are a Trend of 2020 and we recommend you to style it up with heeled boots, heels, and cropped bootcut jeans with sneakers or flats.

Women's Denim Trends: What's Changing in 2020