10 Must Have Sneakers For Your Sneaker Wardrobe

Mabruqq's Editor SNEAKERS May 21, 2021
10 Must Have Sneakers For Your Sneaker Wardrobe

To be honest, one of the most proliferating industry at this point of time is the Sneaker Industry. In an era where a sneaker’s worth is decided based on its hype in the market, people have really forgotten what it’s like to own a shoe that is stylish and comfortable on feet.

You might also be wondering why everyone wants to be a sneakerhead all of a sudden. Sneakerheads are not just sole collectors but a bunch of people who stock up on sneakers and resell them at rocketing prices. These people are responsible for jacking up the prices of limited edition kicks and valuing them based on perception just like the stock market. While this looks more complex that it seems, the entire sneaker industry has become a stock bidding market ruled by sneaker resellers.

Getting back to the discussion, Sneakers have become a lifestyle essential. Wherever we go, whatever we wear, we all need sneakers to make it a full blown outfit. The amazing silhouettes, styles, patterns, colorways, have made sneakers an essentials commodity in today’s world.

Like it or not, you too are attracted to the sneaker industry offerings but cannot decide where to start from. Here is a list of Mabruqq-approved sneakers you can start with. Thank us later!

Adidas Originals Stan Smith

If there’s anything Original, anything Iconic, it’s the Stan Smith. Debuted in 1965, Stan Smith stood the test of time for decades and created a legacy of its own. Stan Smith registered its name in 1998 Guinness Book of World Records with the sale of 22 million pairs worldwide.

It still continues to be one of the most loved sneaker of all time and is a true OG. Available in different colorways, sustainable styles and exclusive designer collaborations, Stan Smith does justice to the affordability tag and should be the one lightning up your sneaker collection.

Adidas originals stan smith sneaker

Converse All Star Chuck Taylor

The 1917 mass-produced basketball shoe, Converse All-Star Chuck Taylor, was the first basketball shoe that had a players name to it. From 1917 to present day, “The Chucks” have transitioned from a century old sneaker to a fashion staple among teens, renowned musicians, celebs and even old age folks.

One could forget 1917 but not the birth of a sneaker that revolutionized the industry and still connects with the young community with its original silhouette and exclusive collaborations.

Converse all star chuck Taylor

Vans Sk-8 Hi

History has it that Vans has been the staple for skateboarders since the 70s. The Sk-8 Hi formerly known as “style 38” drew inspiration from early 70s skateboarders who liked using rugged and sticky sole. The Sk-8 Hi model featured ankle support on waffle outside, a canvas and rubber built, and was made above the ankle which helped skateboarders shield their bones. It also showcased iconic Vans stripe and brought a whole new look to the street.

Sk-8 Hi still remains a favorite streetwear for young generation for its pared-back aesthetic and for many it is not just a skate shoe- it is a cultural artifact.

vans sk8 hi sneaker

Nike Air Force 1 ’07

In 1982, Nike launched a shoe that featured the all-new Nike Air Technology which could change everything from that point and as a result, Nike Air Force 1 was born. A shoe designed by Bruce Kilgore that not just revolutionized the game but also took the streets and celebrities by storm. You might not know but Nelly has created an entire song dedicated to Nike Air Force 1’s and Jay-Z highlighted it in one of his tracks.

Three decades later, the shoe is still the front-runner in the sneaker community and every designer collaboration adds feather to its legacy. If you’re looking for a pair, go for the classic all-white low cut version.

nike Air Force 1 sneaker

Air Jordan 1

The 1985 shoe that commemorated the idea of brining youth culture and game together. The Air Jordan arrived with a bang sharing its name with the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan. The timeless and versatile design of Air Jordan 1 matches any modern day aesthetic.

From 1985 to 2021, Air Jordan 1 has been consistent in its offerings to the sneaker community with different colorways, designer crossovers, customizations, mid-tops, OGs and low-tops.

Undoubtedly, Air Jordan 1 is a shoe to own for a lifetime. Buy it, wear it, tear it, but keep it!

air Jordan 1

Air Max 1, 90

The Air Max lineage started in the year 1987 when Tinker Hatfield decided to showcase visible air bubble on a shoe. It took the competition by storm and people gathered outside stores in large numbers to get their hands on the coveted design. It is still considered one of the greatest sneakers in the history and continues to rule with its bright color palettes, limited editions, artistic collaborations and design.

The years after set the tone for Air Max lineage and the shoe quickly became a lifestyle symbol. There are over 28 models of Air Max rolled out by Nike and Air Max 1, 90, 95, 97, 98, 270, 720 and Vapormax are a few still available in the market.

Showcase your Air Bubble today!

nike air max 1

Puma Suede

In 1968 when the world was changing, Puma launched a shoe thinking that it would change the way people look at it. As a result, a new lifestyle shoe Puma ‘CRACK’ hit the market. ‘Crack’ during 60s & 70s was used to describe the best of its kind, so Puma used this connotation onto the shoe. The shoe was made for athletes and basketball players and the use of suede leather enabled easier integration of color elements.

In 1972, Puma signed a deal with Walt “CLYDE” Frazier who wore the shoe in 390 different colorways during his games, hence renaming the shoe to “CLYDE”. Since Frazier had a contract with a US distributor, “CLYDE” was only available in US and could not be included in the international collection. After the contract ended, Puma had to rename the shoe in order to sell it globally, so the shoe was then renamed to “SUEDE”.

Came the 80s and hip-hop artists, break dancers, rappers everyone adopted Puma Suede as its own and “SUEDE” finally cemented its position in the sneaker industry and became a certified street shoe.

The shoe celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2018 and we don’t find any reason why it shouldn’t be on your sneaker list.

puma suede

Nike Flyknit Racer

Built of a runner and look of a casual shoe, Nike Flyknit has everything you ask for in a shoe. Flyknit technology uses thread construction on shoes making it light, fit and breathable. Essentially made for running, Flyknit set an example of a pathbreaking shoe that could fit to any type of sports.

Flyknit is now increasing present in all categories and can be adapted for as a lifestyle shoe as well. Flyknit complements casual outfits while keeping you comfortable in its breathable knit fabric.

nike flyknit racer

Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66

The 1966 limber trainer shoe designed for athletes has become a fashion trainer over the years. The 50 year Onitsuka Tiger has a signature Asics strip, and a nylon upper offering enhanced sole that offers flexibility, comfort and durability. The Mexico 66’ is available in multiple colorways and single color shoes.

Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66’ is a lightweight, high density, soft texture shoe that complements your everyday outfit. A rival of Nike, Adidas and other running shoes during the 60s & 70s, this affordable Japanese icon is a must add for your collection.

New Balance 574

A symbol of ingenuity and originality. New Balance 574 is a wear and tear sneakers made to stand time. Made from fresh ENCAP midsole cushioning and abzorb crashpad with suede material, it is an everyday statement you would want to show off.

The 574 is a classic collectible icon and the one you should be eyeing. Versatility, design, comfort, and look, everything in one sneaker. Explore amazing colors and pattern that matches your taste.

new balance 574