10 Fashionable Activewear Brands To Know In UAE: Best Athleisure Fashion

Mabruqq's Editor FASHION Apr 03, 2020
10 Fashionable Activewear Brands To Know In UAE: Best Athleisure Fashion

Athleisure , a trend that grew and stormed its way into the Fashion World. From being just a functional clothing to being characterized as “Fashionable, Versatile and everyday wardrobe choice”, Athleisure have made their way out of the gym into the fashion streets.

What made Athleisure even more popular is its obtainability in different styles and better breathable fabrics. The forms like Yoga Pants, Sports Bra, Activewear tops, tights, sweatpants, hoodies, windbreakers, jackets, and sweatshirts have given shoppers exactly what they need. All one needs to do is to mix and match it properly to bring Athleisure to their everyday work-wear, day-out and casual clothing choices.

Let’s see how well you can bag high-fashion Athleisure from these selected range of online choices in UAE:

1. SSSports

Sun & Sand Sports, commonly referred as SSSports is UAE’s largest and most trusted Sports Retailer. Here, you can shop genuine & quality Athleisure for men, women and kids. SSSports works with more than 100 brands from around the world which includes some premium offerings like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Under Armour, Vans, Reebok, Asics, New Balance, etc. Get the trendiest and the most coveted Athleisure Fashion from around the world at just one place, SSSports.

10 Fashionable Activewear Brands To Know In UAE: Best Athleisure Fashion

2. Namshi

A place for everything Stylish. Middle East’s most hip-happening shopping destination brings high-fashion Athleisure from brands like Nike, Adidas Originals, Puma, Calvin Klein, Champion, and more. Revamp your wardrobe with fitness friendly clothing and explore styles like never before.

3. Noon

A paradise for fashion and fitness lovers. Noon is one of the biggest sellers across all Middle East countries and source products from 1000+ brands all across the globe. Fill your fashion gap with up-to-the-minute Activewear from Noon. Conquer the comfy Gym Look and ultimate street style appearance with fashion assortments from Nike, Puma, Skechers, Under Armour, FILA, Tommy Sports.

10 Fashionable Activewear Brands To Know In UAE Best Athleisure Fashion

4. Amazon AE

Well, if there is one place in the world where you would get almost anything, it has to be Amazon. A helping hand not just for shoppers but for resellers across the world, Amazon has proved to be of great help for every shopper. From tank tops, sports bra, hoodies, jackets to sweatpants, tights, yoga pants, shorts, trainers and windbreakers, Amazon will showcase every brand and every product to online shoppers and spoilt them with unimaginable choices. Spread out the word and shop the best Activewear Fashion on Amazon.

5. Gulfissimo

Spoil yourself with high functional sportwear choices at Gulfissimo. Gulfissimo is one of a kind online shopping stores for gymwear in Dubai. Its fashionable workout clothing comes with features like UV Protection, moisture management, colorfastness, and designed to give total breathability to your body. Shop designer sportswear from top labels like Protokolo and Nebbia and choose from a range of sports bras, leggings, jogger pants, yoga pants, gym t-shirts, tops, capris, shorts, skorts, swimwear, catsuits, jackets, sweatshirts and more. Bring the essentiality home and experiment with your everyday wardrobe choices.

10 Fashionable Activewear Brands To Know In UAE: Best Athleisure Fashion

6. Tonic UAE

Get your Athleisure Fashion energizer from Tonic UAE. Tonic UAE designs work-out apparel with sustainable fabrics and technical excellence to improve the performance of the individuals. Their focus on keeping the toxicity away from the environment has led them to create innovative fabrics and thoughtful designs for the fitness lovers. Tonic UAE has collaborated with Tennis Legend Martina Hingis to create exclusive “Tonic Tennis By Martina Hingis” collection for shoppers in UAE. Get your Tonic Gear today!

7. YApparel

yApparel is Dubai’s favourite Yoga and Activewear boutique curating Sportswear from around the world. The unmatchable comfort and superior performance of these fitness apparels helps achieve maximum when it comes to fitness. yApparels consists of brands like Dharma Bums, Spiritual Gangster, Tonic, Liquido, Varley, Rumi Earth, Manduka, Jade, Satya Jewelry and La Vie Boheme Yoga.

10 Fashionable Activewear Brands To Know In UAE Best Athleisure Fashion

8. Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga, a place of all things fashion and all things Fitness. Alo Yoga is an inspiring Athleisure brand that is popular among Yogis around the world who likes to elevate their power of Yoga and favourite among fashion-forward celebs that loves contemporary, street-wear style. The mindful fashion created by Alo Yoga is luxurious, high-performance, trendy and influential. What are you waiting for? Head to Alo Yoga and Elevate your style just like your favorite celebrities.

9. Next.ae

The British Multinational brand is a pioneer name in the Fashion World. Next operates more than 700 stores across the world and offers ultra-modern clothing to everyone. At Next, you can shop the right Activewear tailor-made for your exercise giving you the right support and seriousness. Available in different color hues, rich fabrics, pattern and styling, Next Activewear marks bold fashion statement offering high street-style looks.

10 Fashionable Activewear Brands To Know In UAE: Best Athleisure Fashion

10. Elabelz

Get the taste of local fashion brands around the world along with global brands, locally. Elablez offers Fashion for every mood- Be it a party, Jog, Walk, running, weightlifting, or cardio sessions. Shop Athleisure from Elabelz and raise your fitness fashion game to next level.

10 Fashionable Activewear Brands To Know In UAE Best Athleisure Fashion