10 Best Ways to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Mabruqq's Editor LIFESTYLE Apr 03, 2021
10 Best Ways to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

What do you think is a healthy lifestyle? It's not just eating healthy food and doing exercise, it includes much more things that you need to involve in your daily routine that will keep you healthy and fit. Living a healthy lifestyle is a dream to many but few achieved and few not. But now no need to look anywhere because this article will provide you the best.

How healthy are you? Do you have a healthy diet? Do you exercise regularly? Do you drink at least eight glasses of water a day? Do you get enough sleep every day? Do you live a healthy lifestyle?

We need to take care of our bodies to be fit and healthy. Life is beautiful and you don't want to bog yourself down with unnecessary health problems. Today, your vital organs may be working well, but they may not be tomorrow. Don't take your health for granted.

Good health includes healthy eating and exercise, having a positive attitude, a positive self-image, and a healthy lifestyle. Being healthy is the most important thing in our life, without health we are not able to lead a quality life.

However, it is still important to point out how small daily changes can affect our happiness and our health. Here are 10 healthy lifestyle tips that you should adhere to if you want to become healthy and happy.

1) Eat healthy & variety of foods:

For good health, our body needs more than 40 different nutrients, and no single food can supply them all. Always consume a wide variety of fruits and vegetables of different colors, as it represent different anti-oxidant content, which removes free radicals that damage our cells and fights inflammation in our body. When we eat a variety of fruits/ vegetables, it creates a wide variety of good bacteria in our gut, which creates a strong defense line between us and the environment, improves our immune system, and strengthens our long-term health.

Skipping meals leads to out-of-control hunger and frequently results in over-indulging, so never skip your first meal i.e. your breakfast as it is very important, then you can have high-fat lunch followed by a low-fat dinner.

2) Stay Hydrated:

Always stay hydrated by drinking fluids that are very crucial for your health and for maintaining the function of every system in your body, including your heart, brain, and muscles. Fluids carry nutrients to your cells, flush bacteria from your bladder, and prevent constipation.

Do you know over 60% of our body is made up of water? Since we lose water daily through urine, bowel movements, perspiration, and breathing, we need to replenish our water intake. Generally, we need at least 8 to 10 glasses of water intake per day. Water keeps our skin fresh and saves it from premature aging.

3) Complete your Sleep Cycle:

Sleep is very essential for the mind and body, the brain needs proper rest to perform fully. During sleep, the body rests, regenerates, and produces crucial hormones for many physiological and emotional health. Sleep deprivation can make you less productive and you would not be able to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. This is becoming a common health problem in many countries. Therefore, sleeplessness makes your brain inactive and you become slow in performing your tasks. Also, lack of sleep causes premature aging and no one wants that so get enough sleep at least six to eight hours per day.

4) Exercise Regularly:

Exercising regularly will help you to stay fit. Did you know that daily exercise can reduce all of the biomarkers of aging? This includes improving eyesight, normalizing blood pressure, improving lean muscle, lowering cholesterol, and improving bone density. If you want to live well and live longer, you must exercise! Studies show that even ten minutes of exercise makes a difference. Increase the activity in your life. Choose walking over transport for close distances. Climb the stairs instead of taking the lift.

5) Avoid Stress:

If you are often stressed, depressed, or in a bad mood- it will affect your quality of life. You will be accompanied by negative feelings, as well as negative thoughts, which you will often pass on to other people around you. Then you will evaluate each situation negatively. Stressing can make it difficult to concentrate on life and eventually your sleep gets disturbed. That is why you need to arm yourself with positive thoughts and avoid stress if you want to lead a healthy and quality life.

6) Relax your Mind:

Yoga and meditation are effective ways to relax your mind. Meditation quietens your mind and calms your soul. Taking a hot bath also helps the body to relax and feel more active. Your muscles become stiff if you do not give proper rest to your body and mind. Unnecessary thoughts and trauma make our body and mind dull which then needs time to heal and work properly. Appreciate small things around you and learn to be thankful. A minimalist way of life is a healthy lifestyle.

7) No to Alcohol & Smoking:

Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it drains water from your body. Not only that, but alcohol is repeatedly proven to have negative effects on our body and health- impacting the proper functioning of our brain, liver, lungs, and other major organs.

Smoking is detrimental to health, severely increases the risk of lung cancer, kidney cancer, esophageal cancer, heart attack, and more. If you drink alcohol & smoke regularly then it's time to cut it out to lead a healthy lifestyle.

8) Laugh:

A life without laughter is no life at all. Laughing is more than just fun- it's good for your health. In fact, clinical research has proven that it can reduce stress hormones and boost the immune system. Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, it reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. Each person should laugh for eight to ten minutes a day.

9) Take Care of Your Personal Hygiene:

It is a very healthy practice to take care of your body's cleanliness. Bathing, washing hands, and dental hygiene are an integral part of personal hygiene. A healthy lifestyle means staying away from germs and viruses. Lack of hygiene lowers immunity which causes certain stomach viruses and pinkish eyes.

10) Visit Your Doctor Time to Time:

Visiting your doctor for a regular checkup will save you from long-term worries. If you invest even a little on your doctor's visit you will be doing a great favor to yourself. Usually, nothing feels wrong but your doctor will be able to observe the possible changes in your health by giving you a few tests. These sudden changes are sometimes hormonal and need treatment.